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COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) 'Na to capture Suggestions for

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) Suggestions for Not Getting Caught It is recommended not to travel abroad as much as possible.. In cases where it is mandatory to go abroad, the following rules should be considered: the proposed basic principles to reduce the overall risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Also applies to. Bunlar; Hand cleaning has to be observed. Or az 20 seconds for wash with soap and water, soap and water ... Read More »

Covidien-19 Who's At Risk of Infection More?

Covidien-19 Who's At Risk of Infection More? Covidien-19 ever acquired information related infection, some people get sick and more serious symptoms showed that the risk of developing. Spend 80 percent of cases are mild disease. 20% of cases are treated in hospital conditions. Illness, generally 60 people over age and affects more. People Most Affected by the disease: 60 Those over the age Serious ... Read More »

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) How is it spread?

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) How is it spread? Sneezing, coughing of the patient is infected individuals by inhalation of droplets expelled with medium. face without washing the hands after touching the contaminated surfaces of patients with respiratory particles, göz, The virus can also be taken with the nose or mouth. eyes with dirty hands, It is risky to touch your nose or mouth. Read More »

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) What?

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) What? New coronavirus (COVID-19), first symptoms of the respiratory tract in late December in the state of China's Wuhan (fire, cough, shortness of breath) As a result of research conducted in developing a group of patients 13 It is a virus identified in January 2020. Located in the outbreak was initially detected in seafood and livestock market in this region. Daha sonra insandan insana bulaşarak Vuhan başta olmak üzere Hubei eyaletindeki diğer ... Read More »

Respect for Islam

RESPECT ISLAM!   Yusuf Turgut 01 Nisan 2020, I read an excellent overview of the Sinop Mufti. I share with my readers and I congratulate both: Because massacres against Islam and Muslims who apply, For those who say Islam has set up a terrorist organization and has given a very nice level posts: That article: 'Korona everyone since its epidemic began began to return to the policies and principles in accordance with their beliefs. Pope praying on empty streets in Italy ... Read More »

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