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Zühd Çok değerli kardeşlerim. All of you greet with the Salute of Alla. Saygı ve Sevgilerimi sunuyorum. Esselamunaleykum ve Rahmetullahi ve Berekatüh. Our lord, Hi, Mercy, Abundance, Mağfireti hepimizin üzerine olsun. Bugün Peygamberlerin özelliklerinden olan “Zühd” konusunu hakkında elimizden geldiğince bilgilendirmede bulunacağız, God willing. Zühd kelimesinin anlamı: It appears as a mystical term meaning that the servant abandons everything except God.. (Islamic Encyclopedia-TDV) Yup; Zühd; ... Read More »


HİCRİ AYLAR Çok değerli kardeşlerim. 19 August 2020 With the evening prayer on Wednesday 29 Zilhicce 1441 will end and the Hijri new year 1 Muharrem 1442 will start. I present to you the article I have compiled about the Hijri months by conducting a research in order to protect our qualities that are beginning to melt day by day.. First, let's take a look at the word meanings of our Hijri months.. Months Word Meaning 1 Muharrem Ayı Haram ... Read More »


Tevazu Tevazu in Turkish; Means humility. Being humble, also having humility, makes people different in their environment. Humble Man cannot be biased towards someone else. He sees all the people across him equally. In time, he reaches the virtue of seeing his personalities superior to him.. This is a mystical approach, which is what all humanity needs now. ... Read More »


CENNET MEKÂN SULTAN ABDULLAHID HAN'S MARRIAGE… SEVEN SEVEN FORCE EVER HAS EVENTS “THE LIVER” ADAM. MAHMUD EXPRESSED ALLAHVER:   I was born in Istanbul, the capital city of the Ottoman State. My father, he was on duty there because of his civil service. Ne var ki, My tongue was stuck as a result of an illness I had, I lost my ability to speak. Can't speak at all, I was trying to explain my purpose with hand and arm sign. My dad is very ... Read More »


HELP INSTITUTIONS and SOCIALITY We will devote this week's article to some of our findings regarding social assistance.. You've been wanting to write for a long time. It is known that blessed three months have passed We are in Shaban month 24 Nisan 2020 Be blessed to all our Muslim brothers on the first day of Ramadan on Friday. As you all know, helping people, kindliness, feelings of mercy come to the top in these months. Zakahs are given in these months. Sadaka, Fitr, ... Read More »


Jesus said to a question asked when I wonder if we; "You know how the meaning of religious terms?” veya “Ne kadar Osmanlıca kelime biliyorsunuz?” Şahsım pek o kadar fazla bir şeyler bildiğimi söyleyemem. But I've always been interested. The area I was interested in the depth of meaning. You're looking at four letters formed but a means sea. Here's one of them is Jesus. Ma'am; Chat Master of Mr. Bekir Develi, Sayın Hayati İnanç beyle yapmış ... Read More »


Very Dear brothers and sisters; Brotherhood document may have been eligible to Dursun Bond Her brother's Mercy. We wish him mercy and patience to the family of God. “İnnalillahi ve İnna ileyhi Raciun” We come from God and to God we shall return . Read More »


Dear Brothers and Sisters. Our brother Omar Bradley Nightingale from our Dergah'ı. have undergone heart surgery, unfortunately, unable to surgery in a healthy way. Despite all the interventions made, It has acquired the right of mercy. We extend our condolences to the family of God Himself mercy. Bye, My sister Rose. You've turned the path of Allah. Qadiri coming, Mountains stones moans, Everyone was silent listening, Pir Gailani are. Or are you sitting divine, Do you own the sky, You know that all the worlds, Pir Gailani are. Shoot the burial ... Read More »

Beware Islam (SHARE)

My very dear brothers. As in the past, our country, now the oppressed all over the world have embraced this context, and is doing his best in the State. We have to do our utmost as citizens falling. Starting from the Soul of Islam to -Paylaş our businessmen and philanthropists with donations we have obtained from our own association members. Trabzon İsmetpaşa needy elementary school students 211 pair of shoes to deliver to our children's school Principal Mr. Ayhan Ozturk ... Read More »

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