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Tevazu Tevazu in Turkish; Means humility. Being humble, also having humility, makes people different in their environment. Humble Man cannot be biased towards someone else. He sees all the people across him equally. In time, he reaches the virtue of seeing his personalities superior to him.. This is a mystical approach, which is what all humanity needs now. ... Read More »

Tefekkür (Thinking)

Tefekkür (Thinking) Personally, if I am wrong I take refuge in your forgiveness. We do not read as much as necessary, but also do not think. We do not think. When we take a look at the world, everything from past to future is the product of a "contemplation".. What does contemplation mean; Word meaning: Idea, thinking, it is thought in the dictionary. Thinking related (In the meantime, we will use both words in different paragraphs, so they both have the same meaning.) Supreme Courtship ... Read More »


I REGISTER TO YOU WITH THE SALVATION OF THE ALMIGHTY LORD, WHEN I ENTER THE MONTH OF RAMADAN-I SHERIFF.. Yüce Rabbim! To express us right, How can you benefit both you and us. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, prayers and peace ... Read More »


REMEMBER OF GOD TO REMEMBER GOD I greet you all with respect and love. Assalamun Alaikum and Mercy of Mercy and Berekatuh God's Mercy, May the blessing be upon all the Believers. Member of the High Council of Religious Affairs Prf. Dr. Bünyamin Erul Bey has recently made some statements on social media. Whatever these explanations wise,, it was broadcast in the media on the same days, that is, close to Ramadan. I am this person ... Read More »


HELP INSTITUTIONS and SOCIALITY We will devote this week's article to some of our findings regarding social assistance.. You've been wanting to write for a long time. It is known that blessed three months have passed We are in Shaban month 24 Nisan 2020 Be blessed to all our Muslim brothers on the first day of Ramadan on Friday. As you all know, helping people, kindliness, feelings of mercy come to the top in these months. Zakahs are given in these months. Sadaka, Fitr, ... Read More »

Saban-i-Sharif Night of Berat

  Saban-i Serif Berat Night My brothers and sisters! that we have reached them the first three months of Rajab-i-Sharif “Şehrullah” in “Regaib” ve “Mirac” There were nights that they were now. Secondly the month of Shaban-i-Sharif; “Şehrun-Nebi” well in his “Weight” night that; 7 mark 8 Insha Allah this night connecting April ummah of Muhammad and as we will have reached realize. Allah'u (cc) this blessed night ... Read More »

Every Muslim must worship Halim Register

You know O Muslims worship your every mood. Nasıl mı? Others will stay at home to avoid spreading the disease you do not enter you the right to use ibadett. You are warned to remove the social rules for the sustenance of the children from the street you ibadett. Doctor health worker, you nurse, It doesn't matter if you are a cleaning officer, you spend the day and night to make the lives of others livable. ... Read More »

Respect for Islam

RESPECT ISLAM!   Yusuf Turgut 01 Nisan 2020, I read an excellent overview of the Sinop Mufti. I share with my readers and I congratulate both: Because massacres against Islam and Muslims who apply, For those who say Islam has set up a terrorist organization and has given a very nice level posts: That article: 'Korona everyone since its epidemic began began to return to the policies and principles in accordance with their beliefs. Pope praying on empty streets in Italy ... Read More »

Trabzon Exam How Veriyor

TRABZON EXAM HOW TO GIVE? Yusuf Turgut 30 Mart 2020, 15:37 0 People panikles even State-Government and Local governments should not lose its composure. Trabzon in the first period coronavirus' woman from the Netherlands’ There was panic. It came in a panic that each head a voice. The result appeared to be spoken in the city is not true legend. Women also names him and he lost his life around were treated and Karantiya. Allah ... Read More »


AS-I-I min SAADET MIN SPEED IGNORENCE? AS-i happiness; only the material abundance and fertility, opportunities and wealth, peace and appetite of all types are provided, Muslims are not even a period of time that bleeding nose. Saadettin BRIGHT BECOMES MERMY ON THE ROAD OF RAHMET GAZABA ON THE GAZAP ROAD BECAME UNION Hz. Ömer (r.a) sire, Said ibn Amir El-Jum'ah (r.a)'T had sent as governor of Homs. The people of Homs: ... Read More »

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