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HİCRİ AYLAR Çok değerli kardeşlerim. 19 August 2020 With the evening prayer on Wednesday 29 Zilhicce 1441 will end and the Hijri new year 1 Muharrem 1442 will start. I present to you the article I have compiled about the Hijri months by conducting a research in order to protect our qualities that are beginning to melt day by day.. First, let's take a look at the word meanings of our Hijri months.. Months Word Meaning 1 Muharrem Ayı Haram ... Read More »


GOOD VISIT OF THE GOVERNOR IS GREAT FOR THOSE WITH RISK CONCERNS Hatem-i Esam, the famous governor of Belh town, Was going on pilgrimage, called to his wife. — Lady. How much alimony should I leave to you. The answer of the lady of trust and surrender was exemplary; –The longer I will live, the more. — Lady, how would I know how long you live?. If so said; Wife — What is my alimony ... Read More »


CENNET MEKÂN SULTAN ABDULLAHID HAN'S MARRIAGE… SEVEN SEVEN FORCE EVER HAS EVENTS “THE LIVER” ADAM. MAHMUD EXPRESSED ALLAHVER:   I was born in Istanbul, the capital city of the Ottoman State. My father, he was on duty there because of his civil service. Ne var ki, My tongue was stuck as a result of an illness I had, I lost my ability to speak. Can't speak at all, I was trying to explain my purpose with hand and arm sign. My dad is very ... Read More »


The Death of the Mother of Our Lord Ali Rasulullah (s.a.v) Hz Ali before the Lord (r.a) comes, Rasulullah (s.a.v)My mother says she passed away.   The Messenger of Allah (s. a. v) Our master says exactly, my mother passed away. Prepare for burial and call me. When I was ready my Master (s.a.v) gelir. He enters the grave, lies in it for a while, and prays and wears his blessed robe. ... Read More »


At Ankara Hacı Bayram Mosque, Professor of Religious Affairs, performing the representation Friday prayer Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş, to all humanity in his sermon, “Ey insanlar! Canımıza, our mind, our faith, Let's stay away from the things that harm our property and our generation. ”Head of Religious Affairs Prof.. Dr. Ali Erbaş, He performed the Friday prayer, which was represented by Kovid-19.. Friday prayer performed in Ankara Hacı Bayram Mosque with few participation and precautions ... Read More »

Divine mercy and opportunity month Mubarak Ramadan.

Retired former Trabzon Mufti Ahmet Bulut brain post about the month of Ramadan. Divine mercy and opportunity month Mubarak Ramadan. Like all over the world, Within the scope of the measures taken against the Corona virus, which is regarded as the plague of the century., education,professional and commercial activities,all kinds of social activities pause,We reached the month of Ramadan at a time when we focused on protecting our physical and mental health.. As a community,all necessary for our religion and world ... Read More »


RESPONSIBILITY AWARENESS and RAMADAN. Dr. Ali ERBAŞ Head of Religious Affairs What makes the most beautifully created and equipped with superior qualities important and meaningful in the realm of existence; its human, have responsibility in relation to things and Allah Almighty. This feeling that forms the basis of the purpose of human existence., To build a strong philosophy of life by teaching to look at the whole life in a world of values. ... Read More »

The Honor of Ramadan is from the Quran

The Honor of Ramadan Is From The Qur'an Yes, we said a new year. We thanked Allah for having a new year. Then we got another Ramadan again. These days to us, Praise be to our Lord. The importance of Ramadan is too important to be discussed between months. Recep bear is also important, The month of Saban is also important, but the month of Ramadan is another value. What is better than a thousand months in its value ... Read More »

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) 'Na to capture Suggestions for

COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Disease) Suggestions for Not Getting Caught It is recommended not to travel abroad as much as possible.. In cases where it is mandatory to go abroad, the following rules should be considered: the proposed basic principles to reduce the overall risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Also applies to. Bunlar; Hand cleaning has to be observed. Or az 20 seconds for wash with soap and water, soap and water ... Read More »

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