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Dua, Dua, Dua

Dua, Dua, Dua

Dua, Dua, Dua

The word meaning of prayer: Don't beg, Pleading. Direct, Don't pray to God. Asking from god. Means.

Prayer of Muslims, in other words, it has an important place in the daily life of people belonging to the religion of Islam.

We pray in prayer.

We pray while intending to fast.

We pray while breaking the fast.

Prayer when starting a new job, Prayer while taking the exam, There is prayer in every aspect of a Muslim's life.


Prayer according to believers, a safe haven of refuge, The easy way to reach anything that is hard to reach for some, According to some, the hasbihal with its Creator, According to some, the authority of naz to reach what his Creator has given, according to some, It is the key to creating emergencies.

We can reproduce these examples or everyone knows they live about Prayer, desek de olur.

Why Pray

Bilindiği üzere, Considering the opinions of the experts, it is known that there is a drought in our country..

Therefore, it is the, Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı 11.12.2020 On Friday, after the Fard of Friday, he demanded that every mosque be prayed to our Almighty Lord so that it could rain rain..

Those who could not attend the prayer could leave. This is another matter, no obligation to participate.

But, what to say to those who make fun of this on social media.

What is there, do not need prayer.

We, as human beings, will do what is necessary, my Almighty Lord will grant us his result..

Misinterpreted as natural events, yağmur, kar, It is not our hands to create things like the sun. These happen through Shallow Will.

When it reflects on the earth, it is possible to direct them with the Partial Will that Allah has given us..

It rains, you build a dam, you give the water to people's use. You use the energy of the sun, you get energy from it again. These are within our knowledge.

We can check these. But we could never do more.

Somebody tell me which scientist did this and made it rain or do something different.


In matters we cannot do, Of course, the highest authority to which we will apply is the Authority of our Lord..

Prayer for rain is just one of them..

Pray him why, There is nothing more ignorant than ridicule.

I would love that those who made these comments had first read a mention about Duya on the Diyanet's website..

Here are just a few of the many verses about prayer

  • Bakara Suresi, 186. ayet: Kullarım Beni sana soracak olursa, surely I (onlara) pek yakınım. Bana dua ettiği zaman dua edenin duasına cevap veririm. Öyleyse, onlar da Benim çağrıma cevap versinler ve Bana iman etsinler. Hopefully guidance (found the right way) they become.


  • En’am Suresi, 63. ayet: De ki: “Who saves you from the darkness of the land and sea, you (and openly) you pray by secretly begging him: -Surely, if you save us from this, we are truly grateful.”


  • The Purgatory, 55. ayet: Rabbinize yalvara yalvara ve için, için dua edin. Şüphesiz O, does not like transgressors.

"As can be seen from these verses, Our Lord has made the acceptance of prayer conditions.. Getting an answer to our call. It depends on how much we respond to the call of our Lord. "


Our Prophet SAV attached great importance to prayer and said, "Prayer is the Weapon of the Believer.".

The Hadiths Reported are as follows;


İbnu Ömer (radıyallâhu anhümâ) recounts:

“Prophet (aleyhissalâtu vesselâm) buyurdular ki: “Kime dua kapısı açılmış ise ona rahmet kapıları açılmış demektir. Allah’a taleb edilen (dünyevî şeylerden) Allah’ın en çok sevdiği afiyettir. Dua, inen ve henüz inmeyen her çeşit (musibet) için faydalıdır. Kazayı sadece dua geri çevirir. If so, it is necessary to pray to you.”
[Tirmizi, Daavât 112, (3542).]


Hz. Anas (radıyallâhu anh) recounts: “A man prayed like this: “Ey Allah’ım , my praise to you, you are the blessing, there is no god but you, You are the creator of heaven and earth, Hayy and Kayyûmsun (you have life that keeps the universe alive.) I want you to make these names intercessor!”

(Hearing this prayer) The Messenger of Allah asked:

“This man is praying by what occasion, Do you know?”

“Allah and His Messenger know better?”

I swear to the One who holds my soul in power, o Allah’a, He prayed with his name. O İsm-i Âzam ki, If a prayer is made with him, God will respond, gives with it if desired.” [Tirmizi, Daavât 109 (3538); Ebû Dâvud, Salat 358, (1495); Nesâî, Error 57, (3, 52).]

That's why my dear brothers. Dua, Dua , Pray we have no other choice.

The owner of knowledge will also pray, the scientist will pray too.

Permission to ridicule prayer is a major omission in point. God forbid it is necessary to refresh the faith.

Be entrusted to Allah with thick health.


Cemal Yıldız.


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