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My very dear brothers.
All of you greet with the Salute of Alla. Saygı ve Sevgilerimi sunuyorum.

Esselamunaleykum ve Rahmetullahi ve Berekatüh.

Our lord, Hi, Mercy, Abundance, Mağfireti hepimizin üzerine olsun.

Today, one of the characteristics of the Prophets "Zühd" We will inform as much as we can about the subject., God willing.

Zühd the meaning of the word:

It appears as a mystical term meaning that the servant abandons everything except God.. (Islamic Encyclopedia-TDV)


Zühd; her ne kadar Peygamberlere atfedilmiş bir özellik olsa bile aslında her kula hitap etmektedir.

I wonder how long we have been able to leave the world. Have we ever been able to account for it?

How is our daily life. How much of our duties against God were we able to do during the day?.

How many people have we helped apart from praying?, you need your body, what did we do with your mind.
Bir günde karşı taraftan kaç “teşekkür” alabildik.

Did we leave the world after prayer and "meditate" for a while?

Creating the universe, How much praise have we made to our Lord, who makes us eat?, how thankful we were.

Our Prophet SAW states the following regarding this issue.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh)- slept on a mat. Uykudan uyandığında, hasır vücudunun yan tarafında iz bırakmıştı.


"- O Messenger of Allah! Sizin için bir döşek edinsek!” dediler.

The Prophet (peace be upon him)- If our lord:

"- How much do I have to do with my world?? Ben bu dünyada bir ağacın altında gölgelenen, then I am like a passenger who leaves and leaves. " decreed. (Tirmizi, Zühd, 44/2377; İbn-i Mâce, Zühd, 3)

Dünya, if it is short enough to shade under a tree for a Prophet, what is it for us. What should express.

This does not mean. Let's leave the world altogether. Hayır, we will work for the world too. We will do our best to gain the sustenance of our offspring through legitimate means..

But; Our Master Hacı Enver (Baba) As Karakaş stated.

Oğul; Let's put the money in our pocket. Not in our hearts. In other words, our hearts should always be busy dhikrizing Allah..

Bu konuda

Our Master - peace be upon him and peace- He would give the following advice to his ummah:

“Not for those whose living conditions are better than yours, see further below! Because this, It is a more appropriate act for you not to belittle God's blessing on you. " (Muslim, Zühd, 9)

"Be witness to the world, May god love you; be witness to what people have, people love you!..” (İbn-i Mâce, Zühd, 1)

My Lord, not to this temporary world, let it be of those who cherish our eternal Hereafter.

Entrust to God.

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