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Rebiülevvel Bear (Mawlid Celebration)

Rebiülevvel Bear (Mawlid Celebration)

Peygamberimiz Hz. The month of Rabi al-Awwal has a special importance for Muslims as it is the anniversary of the birth of our Lord Muhammad Mustafa SAV to the World..

This month is also very spiritually important.

In these beautiful days, in these beautiful nights, the more people are passionate about worship. It is almost like a person turns to internal accounting.

O, What suffering did the Prophet Ululazim suffer?.

Although his past sins are "forgiveness",, never gave up on the fight. He never left his companions.

He made great efforts to spread Islam.

Kh stoned, at times thrown in a carcass on. He was seen despised but he never compromised the way he believed "it was straight as it was commanded".

He pushed the possibilities offered to him with the back of his hand for Allah. He said that if you give the "Moon" in one hand and the "Sun" in the other, I will not return from my case.. Himself in the way of Allah to righteousness, To justice, Committed to the Right and Law.

Exemplary human.

We should try to explain this exemplary person to our own people..

These days are important for him.

What can we do on these beautiful days and nights. What can we do for our Almighty Lord loves the most?.

Everyone knows something about this subject.

But in summary, I would like to list a few items that we can do without tiring ourselves too much..

In fact, there is no specific way of worshiping only in the Mevlit Lamp. Prayers held tonight, we can do it on other blessed nights.


-To contemplate "Who am I?, Where did I come from, where am I going. What does my Almighty Lord want from me. " Should also consider vital issues, especially issues such as.

The graves of our relatives who passed away during the day can be visited.

Offended and offended must be reconciled.

Poor, forlorn, poor, old, disabled, Our brothers and sisters should be visited, compassion must show respect, charity should be given.

If possible, fasting should be done during the day of the night of the lamp.. (28.10.2020-29.10.2020) It would be better if two days in a row.

He was, he should do a lot of remembrance, İsmi Celal, Word of Tawheed should be read.

The Messenger of Allah should bring lots of Salat Salute to the Prophet.

Accidental and Vain Prayers can be performed.

If a person can do it, he must perform a four-rak'ah rosary prayer..

“Repentance should be given to sins in a sincere manner”. (With the condition of not doing it again)

Kandil night Evening, Isha and Morning Prayers should be performed in congregation.

He should read the Quran with holy knowledge.

Congratulations to all our brothers and sisters. I wish you health and bon appetit..

Cemal Yıldız 27.10.2020

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