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My very dear brothers.

19 August 2020 With the evening prayer on Wednesday 29 Zilhicce 1441 will end and the Hijri new year 1 Muharrem 1442 will start.

I present to you the article I have compiled about the Hijri months by conducting a research in order to protect our qualities that are beginning to melt day by day..

First, let's take a look at the word meanings of our Hijri months..

Months Word Meaning

1 Muharram has been made Haram.

2 Safer Month Expedition, yolculuk.

3 Rabiülevvel Bear Spring.

4 Rebiülahir Bear Autumn.

5 Cemaziyelevvel Bear The first barren land.

6 The Moon of Jamaziyelahir The last barren land.

7 Respect Month of Recep, honor.

8 The Month of Shaban, spread.

9 The Month of Ramadan Burning, don't be hot.

10 Shawwal Moon Rises.

11 The Bear of Zilkade Who owns the peace.

12 The Bear of Zilhicce Who owns the pilgrimage.


Muharrem Ayı: The month of Muharrem, known as Şehrullahi'l-Muharrem in the Islamic World, means "the month of God".. Your abundance, It is said to be the month when abundance increases. It is the first month of the Hijri calendar.. Hijri Christmas starts with this month. 1. Hijri day is New Year's Day. Of the month of Muharrrem 10. On the day of Ashura is celebrated.

Safer Month: It is the second month of the Hijri calendar.. It is also said that this name was given because the Meccans left the city in the month of Safer and went on a journey.. According to another rumor, some Arabs are referred to as an ominous month because it brings bad luck..

Rebiülevvel Bear: It is the third month of the Hijri calendar. Mevlid Kandili is celebrated in this month. Rebi is also called spring in Arabic..

Rebiülahir Bear: It is the fourth month of the Hijri calendar.. There was no significant development in Islam in this month.. The reason why these two months are called spring is that Muslims release their animals to graze during these months..

Cemaziyelevvel Month: It is the fifth month of the Hijri calendar.. It means cold and dry.

The Month of Cemaziyelahir: It is the sixth month of the Hijri calendar.

Month of Recep: It is the seventh month of the Hijri calendar. Blessed 3 is the beginning of the months. This month, preparations are made for Ramadan.. Muslims show respect to each other this month too, and do not consider war halal. It is called the One and Only Recep.

Month of Shaban: It is the eighth month of the Hijri calendar. It is called dispersion and separation. Due to the water scarcity in the region, they are dispersed in search of water in groups.. Since they made the war in the month of Recep forbidden, the tribes of those who will fight in the month of Shaban take their places.. That's why this month is called the month of Shaban..


Ramadan month: The holy book of the Quran has been started to be downloaded this month. It is the ninth month of the Hijri calendar.. The night of Power is celebrated in this month. Fasting is observed in the month of Ramadan, which is of great importance for Muslims. 11 called the sultan of the moon.

Shawwal Bear: It is the month that includes Ramadan. Hijri calendar 10. ayıdır. This month, due to the hot weather, the camels' milk decreased and the Arabs called it the month of Shawwal..

Zilkade Bear: It is referred to as the moon having peace. Hijri calendar 11. ayıdır. The Arabs declared the war as a sitting month, abandoning the bad words and even looking for pasture for animals.. It is also called "December" month because it passes between two holidays..

Zilhicce Bear: It is called the moon that includes the feast of sacrifice. The end of the Hijri calendar (12.) ayıdır. The first ten days of this month are precious to Muslims. 10.day of the sacrifice. Hajj prayers also take place this month.

Haram months: Zilkâde, Zilhicce, Muharrem, Rajab It is forbidden to make war in these months. It is called al-Eşhuru'l-hurum.

Hijri months remind us what to do in which month or how to pray. It is also important in this respect..

What happened in the month of Muharram. How should we evaluate this blessed month?.


Hz. That the Prophet migrated from Mecca to Medina 622 of the year 1 Muharram is considered as the beginning of the Hijri Calendar.. Ritual, Based on rotation time around the sun and the earth.

The importance of the month of Muharram, the first step of the Hijri year, is great for divine religions.. Especially the tenth day of this month is called 'shura'..
Human history, witnessed very important events happening this month. We can summarize some of the events narrated in hadiths and different sources as follows:.

• Ancestor of humankind; the first man and the first Prophet Hz. Adam's repentance was accepted this month,
• The flood that befell the tribe of the Prophet Noah ended and his ship settles on Mount Judi this month.,
• Hz İbrahim, Born on that day, He got rid of the fire of Nemrut, who claims to be divine, this month, Allah (c.c.) showed him the right way on this day,
The eyes of the Prophet Yakup, who were scorched with the pain and longing of the child, started to see this day., his son Hz in this month. Reunited with Yusuf, He was taken out of the well that his brothers had thrown and then from the dungeon where he was thrown by his masters this month and was brought to the head of the state treasury by the Egyptian Saint.,
• The hero of patience and endurance, Hz. Eyyub recovered from his illnesses this month,
• Hz. Musa, born in this month, a miracle has been bestowed on him this month, Crossing the Red Sea with his people and drowning Pharaoh in the water with his army happened in this month.,
• Prophet David's repentance was accepted,
• Property to the Prophet Solomon (sovereignty) given,
• Hz Yunus was saved from the belly of the fish,
• Hz. Jesus was born in this month and was saved from the evil of the Jews by being raised to the sky this month.,
• Hz Muhammed’in (s.a.v.) He was assured by God this month that all his past and future sins will be forgiven..

Besides all these incidents, there is an incident without liver. Lords of our beloved Prophet ‘children of paradise’ he praised, Hz. Ali and Hz. Hz, one of the lungs of Fatima.. Hussein and 72 his friend, Hijri 61 of the year 10 Muharram on Ashura (Miladi 10 Ekim 680) First left without water in Karbala for the sake of political ambitions, and then brutally martyred. Hz. Due to the martyrdom of Hüseyin today, this sad incident has been remembered in the common memory of Muslims..


Fard in holy days and nights, There is no special form of worship in the wajib provision.. There is no narration in authentic sources stating that there is a futile prayer specific to the month of Muharram..

It is appropriate for those who perform qada prayers on holy days and nights to perform qada prayers first.. Also, reading and understanding the Quran, making use of religious works, It should not be forgotten to be busy with dhikr and salawat.

The fasting month of Muharram in, müstehabt is. Earlier this month, at the end or in the middle so 13, 14, 15'Th days or 9, 10 veya 10 ve 11. can be fasted on days.

Hz. Muhammed (SAV) they said: “The most virtuous fasting other than Ramadan fasting, The month of Allah is the fast observed in Muharram. Apart from fards, the most virtuous prayer is the night prayer.” (Muslim, Siamese, 202-203; Ebû Dâvûd, Savm 55; Tirmizi, Salat, 212; Nesâî, Kıyâmü’l-leyl, 6)

Muharram 10. to the day, it is called the day of ashura. Hz. Prophet (SAV), “Fasting on the day of Âshûrâ in the previous year (small) I hope there will be atonement for their sins.” (Tirmizi, Savm, 48) by commanding, They advised their ummah to fast on this day..

Regarding fasting on the day of Ashura, Ibn Abbas (RA) he explains: “The Messenger of Allah (SAV) As for Medina, He saw the Jews fast on the day of Ashura. Onlara, 'What is that (why are you fasting)?’ diye sordu. 'This, righteous (good) for a day. Allah, saved the Israelites from their enemies on that day. (Thankfully) Moses fasted that day’ dediler. The Messenger of Allah (SAV) da, ‘I am closer to Moses than you’ He fasted that day and advised Muslims to do so.” (Bukhari, Savm, 69; Muslim, Siamese 127; Ebû Dâvûd, Savm, 65)

When is fasting for the month of Muharram??

Peygamber Efendimiz Hz. Muhammed (SAV) Jews during the period of the month of Muharram only 10. (ashura) for fasting on the day, He recommended fasting by adding one day before or after it so that it would not be like theirs.. In some narrations, he recommended fasting for three days by adding it to the previous and the next. (Müttekî, Kenzü'l-ummâl, VIII, 570).

Therefore, it is important not to keep the day of Ashura alone while fasting on the day of Ashura.. It can be fasted for two days with the addition of the previous or next day, or it can be fasted for three days by adding both..

Sir We made the information available to you. Allah Yar ve Yardımcımız olsun.

Not; While the compilation was made, the channel was quoted from Diyanet. We hereby.


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