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Modesty in Turkish; Means humility.
Being humble, also having humility, makes people different in their environment.
Humble Man cannot be biased towards someone else. He sees all the people across him equally.

In time, he reaches the virtue of seeing his personalities superior to him..
This is a Sufi approach, which all humanity needs now..
Yup; seeing the person above us and valuing that personality accordingly.
It really is a situation that glorifies us.
There is a saying: “As people rise, they descend”
So no matter how high you are, whatever your position and position,, treat people coming to your door like a human, don't look at them from above.
Saying "I" and stepping aside is a situation that does not suit humanity.
Nice scholars, scientists, scientists could not spare time for others to like themselves and they just died.
Whereas, Humility owner knowledge, scientists and artists, when they die, there is a movement in their environment.
Behold, after you die, leave a nice joy behind you..
We have to strive for that.
We should not approach the person with bias once.. It may be less educated or less cultured than us.
This is not her fault "what is my share of her being like this".
You have to think about it and act accordingly.
There is a rule in Sufism. "Yunus" expressed this rule with the following series.
Need to mute,
I need a broken arm
The dervish must be reluctant
You can't be a dervish.

I listened in a training seminar.
Our instructor told me to be an example.
Our Pride, Mr. Aziz Sancar Bey, who received the Nobel Prize; comes home after the award ceremony.
He asks if he is watching the ceremony
His wife also, I watched. Congratulations to Mr. Aziz. I was very happy too. Der.
Right after the honorable wives Aziz Bey came to the garbage clock, please tell me to take out the garbage.
Aziz beyde says.
That's when I understood;
Receiving a reward is another. To do the task at home is another.
I immediately took the trash out and said.
Having such modesty reminds us that we are human..
Aziz Sancar, who did not say. I received the Nobel Peace Prize “garbage” I will deal with lemi.
So he didn't do "arrogance".
Whoever sees himself more talented than others, and if he looks at him in front of him, it is arrogance..
"If there is humility, there is no conceit."
Since we don't have humility, Today, the clergy cannot come together and explain Islam as it is.. Everybody speaks in a different language.
Everyone interprets Religion according to him. However, there is no religion for me.
Come on, don't make arrogance together. Say this according to the Qur'an and Sunnah, whichever is the best for this humanity. Kibir is a sin in the man of science..
Satan is also the ultimate in angels (the devil) di.

Our Lord Almighty Says in the 34th verse of Surat al-Baqara.
And to the angels: “Âdem’e secde edin” dedik. Except demon (hepsi) prostrated. If he is, resisted and arrogant, (böylece) came from unbelievers.

Our Prophet Again (SAS) He said in a hadith:.

“No one who has faith as much as a mustard in his heart, Not going to hell. No one who has arrogance as much as mustard in his heart can enter Heaven. ” (Muslim, Îmân, 148-149)

As can be understood from the verse and the hadith, arrogance Allah cc. It is a situation that does not like.
When we look around today, all of the incompatibilities, both individual and corporate, are arrogant., has been due to pride and envy.
I am more knowledgeable, i am richer, it's not my balance. The number of those who say that I don't sit in the same place with him is not too few.
Or there is this, why don't I. The number of people who say it and die for nothing.
May my Lord give all of our brothers True Faith.
We will continue our way regardless of anyone's "O" or "this".
the Truth, haktan, the Law, We will never stop being fair.
Even if we are wronged.
After all, we are a believing community waiting for our reward from Allah..
May Allah make our way good., I wish you good luck.
Allaha emanet olunuz.
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