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Monthly Archives: May 2020


GOOD VISIT OF THE GOVERNOR IS GREAT FOR THOSE WITH RISK CONCERNS Hatem-i Esam, the famous governor of Belh town, Was going on pilgrimage, called to his wife. — Lady. How much alimony should I leave to you. The answer of the lady of trust and surrender was exemplary; –The longer I will live, the more. — Lady, how would I know how long you live?. If so said; Wife — What is my alimony ... Read More »


CENNET MEKÂN SULTAN ABDULLAHID HAN'S MARRIAGE… SEVEN SEVEN FORCE EVER HAS EVENTS “THE LIVER” ADAM. MAHMUD EXPRESSED ALLAHVER:   I was born in Istanbul, the capital city of the Ottoman State. My father, he was on duty there because of his civil service. Ne var ki, My tongue was stuck as a result of an illness I had, I lost my ability to speak. Can't speak at all, I was trying to explain my purpose with hand and arm sign. My dad is very ... Read More »


The Death of the Mother of Our Lord Ali Rasulullah (s.a.v) Hz Ali before the Lord (r.a) comes, Rasulullah (s.a.v)My mother says she passed away.   The Messenger of Allah (s. a. v) Our master says exactly, my mother passed away. Prepare for burial and call me. When I was ready my Master (s.a.v) gelir. He enters the grave, lies in it for a while, and prays and wears his blessed robe. ... Read More »

Tefekkür (Thinking)

Tefekkür (Thinking) Personally, if I am wrong I take refuge in your forgiveness. We do not read as much as necessary, but also do not think. We do not think. When we take a look at the world, everything from past to future is the product of a "contemplation".. What does contemplation mean; Word meaning: Idea, thinking, it is thought in the dictionary. Thinking related (In the meantime, we will use both words in different paragraphs, so they both have the same meaning.) Supreme Courtship ... Read More »

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