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Great for those with anxiety of concern or short

Hatem-i Esam, the famous governor of Belh town, Was going on pilgrimage, called to his wife.

— Lady. How much alimony should I leave to you.

The lady of trust and surrender

The answer was exemplary;

–The longer I will live, the more.

— Lady, how would I know how long you live?.

If so said; Wife

— Leave it to those who know how long I will live my alimony.

He has never left me childless until now,

–Doesn't leave after now.

–Sen, keep your pocket money with you, you need it in foreign.

–Hatem-i Esam, Then they set off to visit neighboring ladies..

-God bless neighbor

-Your brain is gone by Hajj , how much child support did you leave. They said:.

— My gentleman is not a surrender, sustener.

–The eater, cannot give sustenance

–I always found Rezzak from my holy.

–He has never let me down, I still believe that you will not quit.

–Ladies, wriggling this answer, expenses…

–It is not long before horse kings are heard at the door of Hatem.

Lady of Hatem going out, meets a horse rider.

Baghdad Caliph returning from seeing pilgrims, thirsty, visited this house to drink water.

–Lady of hatem, He immediately extended a test with a glass of water..

–Caliph drinking cold water, He ordered his vizier next to him;

–Pay the price of the water we drink befitting us.

— Vizier filling the earthen dish with gold, said to leave the bowl near the door;

— Be entrusted to God, baby.

We drank cold water, certify your right…

–As she walked away, the lady of Hatem,

the dish, looking at the gold in it.

As he always does, he turned to prostration and turned prostrate to the one who sent Rızkı..

–O my Lord.

–When you were a kid, you were sending my sustenance by my parents.. –

-married, You sent it with my husband.

–Now, this time in Hajj, Hajj,

you're sending.

-In You have never left me unkind all my life.

–My trust and surrender is art.

–You are the only REZZAK.

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