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Tefekkür (Düşünme)

Tefekkür (Thinking)

Tefekkür (Thinking)

Personally, if I am wrong I take refuge in your forgiveness. We do not read as much as necessary, but also do not think. We do not think.

When we take a look at the world, everything from past to future is the product of a "contemplation"..

What does contemplation mean;

Word meaning: Idea, thinking, it is thought in the dictionary.

Thinking related (In the meantime, we will use both words in different paragraphs, so they both have the same meaning.)

There are many verses at Yüce Kur.

“Eğer biz bu Kur’an’ı bir dağa indirseydik, muhakkak ki onu, Allah korkusundan baş eğerek, parça parça olmuş görürdün. We give these examples to people to think about. ”

(Haras verse 12.)

Peygamberimiz Hz. Muhammed Mustafa SAV also stated in a hadith:.

“One hour contemplation; Forty nights Nafile is superior to worship. ”

(Deylemî, II, 70-71, no: 2397, 2400)

As can be understood from the verse and the Hadith Sharif, contemplation is very important..

“Reading” is one of the factors that trigger the contemplation the most.

Yup, reading, very important. Reading but reading that will bring us somewhere.

To read the contemplation will read.

Mankind can access the Creator and the secrets of the Creator's creations by contemplation.

Whatever knowledge is on earth belongs to our Lord. Nobody has found anything and invented it by himself.

Only Mankind has used the "mind" that Allah has given him, He contemplated and made these discoveries with the knowledge that Allah gave him..

We, as the people of the new world order, do not think as much as necessary..

The only thing we think. For, mal, property, kat, yat. Of course, we exclude people who have isolated themselves from these thoughts..

Coming home, If we consider the “apple” that we have bought, how did this become. Now it will decorate my table. Even this is enough.

It is true that during the month of Ramadan, which is the month of the Qur'an,.

But we should not lose the essence of the work.

Yup, Hatim is correct,

Keme-i Threats are correct.

Salat greetings right.

The name Celaller is correct.

Read the Qur'an, doğru.

Zikrullah right. All the worship we have done with the permission of Allah.

But if our contemplation is missing.

These Qurans, what do we do with these worship. With a sound resulting from the touch of two pieces of meat,.

Ya, when we go to bed, when we fell asleep, Do we know what's going on in our body while we're asleep?

A huge factory error until morning 24 working hours. It produces so that we can continue our lives in a healthy way.. It is our primary duty to find the owner of this factory.

Those who found “Love” in the past and now in contemplation, they enjoyed it, and they recommended it to us. The works of these people have always been written in contemplation and have survived to the present day and are still illuminating us.. In this regard, I would recommend you the book of Imam-i Ghazali, "The" Virtue of Thinking ".

Here we need to think about them and more like this.

Produces thinking people. In this spirituality, in such an economy, Science, also in my knowledge.

So is it an Egg or a Chicken?, Did the chicken hatch. We need to think about it.

If we think of the right work, who came out and we find it with the permission of Allah.

May God be with you greetings and prayers.

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