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Monthly Archives: April 2020


At Ankara Hacı Bayram Mosque, Professor of Religious Affairs, performing the representation Friday prayer Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş, to all humanity in his sermon, “Ey insanlar! Canımıza, our mind, our faith, Let's stay away from the things that harm our property and our generation. ”Head of Religious Affairs Prof.. Dr. Ali Erbaş, He performed the Friday prayer, which was represented by Kovid-19.. Friday prayer performed in Ankara Hacı Bayram Mosque with few participation and precautions ... Read More »

Divine mercy and opportunity month Mubarak Ramadan.

Retired former Trabzon Mufti Ahmet Bulut brain post about the month of Ramadan. Divine mercy and opportunity month Mubarak Ramadan. Like all over the world, Within the scope of the measures taken against the Corona virus, which is regarded as the plague of the century., education,professional and commercial activities,all kinds of social activities pause,We reached the month of Ramadan at a time when we focused on protecting our physical and mental health.. As a community,all necessary for our religion and world ... Read More »


RESPONSIBILITY AWARENESS and RAMADAN. Dr. Ali ERBAŞ Head of Religious Affairs What makes the most beautifully created and equipped with superior qualities important and meaningful in the realm of existence; its human, have responsibility in relation to things and Allah Almighty. This feeling that forms the basis of the purpose of human existence., To build a strong philosophy of life by teaching to look at the whole life in a world of values. ... Read More »


I REGISTER TO YOU WITH THE SALVATION OF THE ALMIGHTY LORD, WHEN I ENTER THE MONTH OF RAMADAN-I SHERIFF.. Yüce Rabbim! To express us right, How can you benefit both you and us. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, prayers and peace ... Read More »

The Honor of Ramadan is from the Quran

The Honor of Ramadan Is From The Qur'an Yes, we said a new year. We thanked Allah for having a new year. Then we got another Ramadan again. These days to us, Praise be to our Lord. The importance of Ramadan is too important to be discussed between months. Recep bear is also important, The month of Saban is also important, but the month of Ramadan is another value. What is better than a thousand months in its value ... Read More »


REMEMBER OF GOD TO REMEMBER GOD I greet you all with respect and love. Assalamun Alaikum and Mercy of Mercy and Berekatuh God's Mercy, May the blessing be upon all the Believers. Member of the High Council of Religious Affairs Prf. Dr. Bünyamin Erul Bey has recently made some statements on social media. Whatever these explanations wise,, it was broadcast in the media on the same days, that is, close to Ramadan. I am this person ... Read More »


HELP INSTITUTIONS and SOCIALITY We will devote this week's article to some of our findings regarding social assistance.. You've been wanting to write for a long time. It is known that blessed three months have passed We are in Shaban month 24 Nisan 2020 Be blessed to all our Muslim brothers on the first day of Ramadan on Friday. As you all know, helping people, kindliness, feelings of mercy come to the top in these months. Zakahs are given in these months. Sadaka, Fitr, ... Read More »

Saban-i-Sharif Night of Berat

  Saban-i Serif Berat Night My brothers and sisters! that we have reached them the first three months of Rajab-i-Sharif “Şehrullah” in “Regaib” ve “Mirac” There were nights that they were now. Secondly the month of Shaban-i-Sharif; “Şehrun-Nebi” well in his “Weight” night that; 7 mark 8 Insha Allah this night connecting April ummah of Muhammad and as we will have reached realize. Allah'u (cc) this blessed night ... Read More »

Every Muslim must worship Halim Register

You know O Muslims worship your every mood. Nasıl mı? Others will stay at home to avoid spreading the disease you do not enter you the right to use ibadett. You are warned to remove the social rules for the sustenance of the children from the street you ibadett. Doctor health worker, you nurse, It doesn't matter if you are a cleaning officer, you spend the day and night to make the lives of others livable. ... Read More »

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