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At Ankara Hacı Bayram Mosque, Professor of Religious Affairs, performing the representation Friday prayer Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş, to all humanity in his sermon, “Ey insanlar! Canımıza, our mind, our faith, Let's stay away from the things that harm our property and our generation. ”

Head of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş, He performed the Friday prayer, which was represented by Kovid-19..

The President of Religious Affairs, Erbaş, before the Friday prayer, which was performed in Ankara Hacı Bayram Mosque with a small number of participation and measures., "Ramadan: Patience and Will Training ”.

President Erbaş, to all humanity, “Ey insanlar! Canımıza, our mind, our faith, Let's stay away from the things that harm our property and our generation. ”;

Honorable Muslims!

Just a hundred years ago 23 Friday prayers performed on Friday and April, with Salavat, I greet you from the pulpit of the Ankara Hacı Bayram-ı Veli Mosque, where the opening of the Assembly of our nation and the establishment of our State were carried out with prayers.. All of our elders who made this great struggle, I reject our martyrs and veterans with mercy and gratitude. May your Cama and Ramadan be blessed, my dear brothers.

Evveli rahmet, middle of forgiveness, and we are happy to have another month of Ramadan, which is the end of hell.. Yesterday after the night prayer, our first tarawih prayer in our homes, our children, We performed with our spouse, Hallelujah. My Lord accept it. Today, every time we go to our hearts, we had our first fake with abundance in our households. Bizleri bu mübarek aya ulaştıran yüce Rabbimize sonsuz hamd ü sena, Our Prophet, who was sent as a mercy to the worlds,. Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.s)Peace and salute to.


Ömür, a great blessing offered by our Almighty Lord., a precious capital, at the same time, responsibility is a heavy trust.. Which month of the year, what day, no matter what time, Every moment we spend with servant consciousness is valuable. However, there are some times that divine mercy has been rewarded., it is instrumental in the acceptance of prayers and forgiveness of sins. The month of Ramadan we are in, It is a blessed month which is the manifestation of His infinite mercy to the servants of Allah.. Ramadan-i Sharif, It is a unique treasure worthy of every moment, day and night..

Precious Muslims!

The sultan of the eleven months is one of the issues that make Ramadan special and important., It is the month of the Qur'an. Curve the truth, separating right from superstition, Our Qur'an, which shows the way of guidance to humanity, which brings happiness in the world and in the hereafter, started to be kind in this month.. As a matter of fact, in the verse I read at the beginning of my sermon, Allah Almighty states:: “Those numbered days, insanlar için bir hidayet rehberi, doğru yolun ve hak ile batılı birbirinden ayırmanın apaçık delilleri olarak Kur’an’ın kendisinde indirildiği Ramazan ayıdır. If so, whoever reaches this month among you will fast him… ”

The Messenger of Allah, (s.a.s) Angel of Revelation in Ramadan every year (a.s.) mutually with the Qur'an. From Asr-i Saadet to today, Ramadan response that Muslims made into a habit, It is the sunnah of the Prophet. Unfortunately this year, we will not be able to be in our mosques because of the epidemic., we will not be able to read the response. However, the family will be able to read the Quran., from learning the meaning, than carrying his blessings to our lives, we will never be deprived of lighting our house with the light of the Qur'an.

Aziz Kardeşlerim!

Peygamber Efendimiz (s.a.s), once called his companions like this: “You have received the holy month of Ramadan. Allah Almighty made it necessary for you to fast in this month.. Heaven doors open this month, the doors of hell are closed and the demons of the demons are tied. ” Ramadan, fasting is the month. Fasting and mercy of fasting, It is the month that he teaches society fortitude and brotherhood. Akıllı, It is obligatory for every Muslim who has reached the age of puberty and does not have a religiously valid excuse to fast during Ramadan.. Because fasting, It is one of the five basic principles on which Islam is built.. Staying away from eating-drinking and selfish requests is the visible face of fasting. However, fasting, it has a much deeper meaning and, dilini, gözünü, your heart, your mind, his resentment is to keep his whole body away from sin.

Saint muslims!

It is stated as follows in the Quran: “Ey iman edenler! It is assumed that you are fasting as well as those before you.. Hopefully you will have a piety. ” As stated in the verse, our fasts, yummy dressage, It is the ideal way for will and training. Because fasting, not to be enslaved by material desires, Teaches to respect God's limits. Through fasting, one learns to dominate himself, matures and is in favor of Allah. It takes its place among the precious servants, that is, the kitchens,. Therefore, our Master of God's Messenger, “Fasting, find good health ”.

Reverend Believers!

This mercy, to make an accounting on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, which will be a means of our salvation from forgiveness and hellish punishment., I want to express some issues that I find very important:

İslam, is the greatest blessing sent to bring humanity from darkness to light. Because her name is peace, huzur, means salvation.

peace, the realization of peace and salvation complies with the moral principles demanded from human beings., good to spread goodness, it is possible by avoiding evil and trying to remove others.

İslam, halal to the items and behaviors that are good and lead to good; it gave the name of haram to the items and behaviors that lead to evil and bad. In other words, those who are clean and useful are halal, the dirty and harmful ones are haram.

In the Holy Quran, this is the subject of Surah Al 157. is expressed as follows in the verse: "They told the messenger they found in the Torah and the Bible in their hands., they fit that prophet. The Prophet orders them goodness and forbids them from evil.. Halal clean things again, it makes dirty things unlawful ”

Aziz Kardeşlerim!

Islam also evaluated the things that harm health in the forbidden circle.. Our Prophet stated that one of the two things that most people were deceived is health and should protect human health..

It turns out very clearly from here, man is forbidden to harm both his body and someone else's body. Our Prophet said, “He will go on and on” (also to hurt, there is no response to harm with harm ”..

"Whatever Islam has forbidden, evil and harm to man"

Because the race, dini, sect, Regardless of his sect, he has five rights that must be kept under protection.: In the scientific books, this is called zarûrât-i hamse.: Protect life, protect your mind, protect religion, protect your property, protect generation.

It is supposed to protect these five rights of man, Everything that harms them is also haram..

Whatever Islam has forbidden, evil and harm to man, Cleanliness and people are beneficial in what makes it halal.

Wherever these evils and harms are processed in a globalizing world, they carry the risk of spreading all over the world in a very short time.. Because human beings now have the opportunity to reach from one end of the world to the other in a short time that will not take a day.. Humanity is living this period. From all cultures, of all races, of all faiths, people from all civilizations have a holiday at the same hotel, eating in the same hall, experiencing the same environment of several square meters..

“I'm calling out to all people”

Then it's not just for you, my dear brothers, not just to the people of the city we live in, not just to Muslims, I want to call out to all people:

Ey insanlar! Canımıza, our mind, our faith, Let's stay away from the things that harm our property and our generation.

Ey insanlar! Let's stay away from things that harm our health. Because it's not just anyone who treats this evil or uses harmful substance, not just the people around, thousands of miles away also suffer. Here is an event that world history has not witnessed before in this scale. 21. century people live all over the world: Coronavirus outbreak. Regional until this time, the world is the first to experience such a situation globally. Because the world got smaller, globalleşti, became a village.

“Cleaning Islam is half the faith”

In this context, I would like to call all over the world through these personal examples.:

Ey insanlar! Geliniz, let's pay attention to bid. Resting with water, cleanliness in areas where there is no need for cleaning and application., is cleaning possible? Scientifically proven that the cause of these and similar viruses is dirt and pollution. Islamic cleaning counts half of faith. His bid made the condition of worship. Hands before prayers, arms, mouth, nose, ear, so it should be a wisdom to wash all the ablution members three times.. When necessary, it should be a wisdom to take ablution..

“Let's fight all over the cigarette, which is forbidden according to Islam”

Ey insanlar! We are mobilizing so that no one can die from this virus. More than 300 in one day only in our country, When will we fight against the cigarette virus that kills over 20,000 people a day in the world?? Are these people not human?? Risk of contracting coronavirus 14 a smoker who is many times more than just himself, it is not clear how many people will infect this virus. Bride, Let's fight against smoking, which is forbidden according to Islam, and 1.5 Let's save nearly a billion smokers from this virus. Let us also stop smoking from increasing its contagiousness and the contagiousness of these and similar viruses..

Ey insanlar! Islam harams the intoxication and drinking of drugs. Because every year hundreds of thousands of people get sick, is happening. Hundreds of thousands of people are harmed and drunk and while taking drugs, committing murders, doing accidents. Let's fight against drugs and drugs.,

Ey insanlar! Islam accepts adultery from the greatest haram. Lutiliği, Fucking homosexuality. What is the wisdom of it?. It is bringing diseases together and refuting the generation, the wisdom of it. Hundreds of thousands of people per year are exposed to the HIV virus caused by this great illicit, which is the name of the illegitimate and unmarried life in the Islamic literature.. Let's fight together to protect people from such evil.

“Let's fight with all kinds of evil”

Ey insanlar! The Quran states that man was created from the soil of the earth and was tasked with zoning the earth.. But human waste, with garbage, a wasteful, polluting the environment, tormenting animals, continues to destroy the earth by burning forests. Let's come together with all kinds of evil, by taking lessons from the misfortunes that have happened to us because of the evil we do with our own hands..

Ey insanlar! Prophet of Islam Hz. Muhammed (sav) "It is not from us that lies full while its neighbor is hungry". Therefore, the Qur'an and its prophet Hz, sent to bring people from the darkness to the light,. Muhammed (sav) until benevolence dominates the earth,, solidarity, zekatı, infaki, adaleti, ihsanı, orders to look near. All kinds of evil, from the evil, persecution, prohibiting injustice. But on earth, every three or four seconds a person is starving, once again every three or four seconds,, dies from eating too much. Colonialism, faiz, drink, kumar, unfair earnings, not to respect the servant's right, racism, supporting terrorist organizations with arms factories, Dozens of evil disrupt the balance of the world and confront humanity with unimaginable misfortunes such as “activities of global perverse belief centers that drag the world into chaos to break the apocalypse and realize the kingdom of God”.

“It is possible to correct the deteriorating balance of the world with Islam”

Geliniz, Let's sign, Let's take a lesson, Let's hug moral, Let's hug the cleaning, Let's hug justice, with knowledge and wisdom, with knowledge and wisdom, Let's try to live in peace and brotherhood by making use of the truths revealed by scientists for the benefit of humanity.. Let's find health with fasting in these holy Ramadan days, rug, zekatla, fitreyle, ALMS, Let's purify with solidarity and solidarity, let's reach peace. By reading the Quran and following your orders, Let's try to be healthy physically and spiritually by avoiding the prohibitions. With the measures we will take, worship, Let's protect ourselves from all kinds of evil with our trust and prayers.. It is possible to correct the deteriorating balance of the world with Islam..

"Islam is so alive, let's live so alive and authentic, resurrect us who came to kill us ”

Ey Müslümanlar, let's review our Islam together. May our worship keep us from evil. Not just Muslims, Islam, which aims at the goodness of all humanity, is so alive, let's live so alive and authentic, let us resurrect who came to kill us. Because from understanding Islam correctly, we have no choice but to live right and to tell right. Because Islam is indellahi'l Islam. İnneddine indellahi’l İslam. Religion is Allah in the presence of Allah. Religion is Allah in the presence of Allah.

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