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Prof. Dr. Ali ERBAŞ

Head of religious affairs

What makes the most beautifully created and equipped with superior qualities important and meaningful in the realm of existence; its human, have responsibility in relation to things and Allah Almighty. This feeling that forms the basis of the purpose of human existence., it teaches to look at the whole life in an integrated world of values, enabling people to build a strong life philosophy.. A sense of responsibility that adds meaning to human life and brings it to the highest value, is the most important product that ensures the peace of the world and the hereafter. To reach the ideal in question, awareness of the duties that one is obliged to fulfill in religious and social life in accordance with this basic principle, is possible with realization and devotion. Indeed, the belief in the monotheism, The prophets who are the greatest teachers of humanity's guide and the path of truth by struggling for the establishment of justice and the living of good morals., They have endeavored to create a peace society by educating individuals who realize the reflection and responsibility of the results of their words and behavior towards the world and the hereafter..

Investigation is an important part of achieving this goal., it is an undeniable fact. Investigation faith, It is the most important factor in developing and developing the awareness of responsibility that Islam wants to bring. Because the central point that determines the shape and dimensions of the relationship of man with the whole realm of existence, it's his relationship with Allah. The most important dimension after the belief in the reinforcement of this sensitivity towards both god and creature obligations is the worship that brings the slave closer to the Lord, and the moral consequence of it, and the measured attitude and behavior in this direction.. On the other hand, it is not possible to talk about worship and beautiful morality, the most special aspect of servanthood, and the idea of ​​responsibility without the natural consequence of them.. For this reason, Islam, with man himself, Rabbiyle, with the public, By explaining the principles that determine the relationship with the environment and the whole world of wealth in the most ideal way, he assigned him responsibilities to ensure the peace of the world and the hereafter..

He is the only living human being in the world of existence, accepting the offer of responsibility of Allah Almighty and loading this difficult trust.. Zira the, own belief in possessing intelligence and will that is not found in other beings, It is able to communicate with value judgments and culture.. This is religious, moral, makes it conducive and susceptible to legal and legal responsibility. As a matter of fact, our supreme book Qur'an that makes sense and blessings of our lives; “Does a person think he will be left unattended??” (Apocalypse, 75/36.) the verse, confirms what is mentioned. Buna göre, sense of responsibility and awareness of behavior that emanates from it, above all, it exists in the individual sphere. “They are a past Ummah. What they earn, your winnings are yours. You are not to be held responsible for their actions ” (Bakara, 2/134.) verse is also an important reference that touches the mentioned truth. This will be achieved by fulfilling the requirements of fitra and conscience, which are the moral memory of human beings, and avoiding evil and ugliness that our religion deems to be exclusive.. Consciousness of responsibility in this aspect, it is an important sign of being a moral being in an individual sense since it is an important value in the formation of personality. It is not possible to talk about being an individual and identity where there is no responsibility.

Responsibility awareness, in the social dimension, it is a prerequisite for a virtuous life.. Because of the people who cannot live alone in society, they have the rights and duties they have to protect against other people and the environment that make up the society. Therefore, awareness of responsibility, It also takes into consideration the effects of human beings, which is a social being, on the society and the environment.. In this respect, the perfect person, know the causes of the behaviors he has put forward and calculate the results and in this respect, someone who has a character who can take responsibility for other people with whom he lives.

Bu meyanda, Our beloved Prophet (s.a.s.), to point out people's social responsibilities; sharing a ship and some on top, some of them give examples of people at the bottom, when they want to pierce the ship to meet the water needs of those below, If the overheads do not prevent this, the ship will sink and all of them will drown.; In the event of an obstacle, this indicates the truth by informing that all of them will be saved.. (Bukhari, Şirket, 6.) Therefore, our supreme religion, which does not approve of a casual and irresponsible lifestyle, is Islam., It promises that all members of the society take an active role in the responsibility of serving the ideal of good domination and the prevention of evil.. “Siz, you are the best ummah for people. Orders goodness, you forbid evil and believe in God… ” (Âl-i İmrân, 3/110.) this issue expressed in verse, imposes a collective responsibility to all individuals who make up the society. If the noble stance in question can not be revealed, it is explained by the explanation that some problems will occur in the society. But someone who is responsible, it is unthinkable to pose a threat to someone else, as they consider all assets valuable.

The last dimension of the sense of responsibility is about the hereafter, where all our actions will be accounted in the divine court.. Buna göre, a strong belief that he will be taken into account by Allah Almighty on the day of punishment for the behaviors revealed in world life., is the sole guarantee of individual and social responsibility. On the contrary, as a situation, the moral collapse observed in societies where religious consciousness and sensitivity are weakened and weakened, it is an extremely clear reality where personal and social responsibilities also collapse.. As such, individual, full revitalization of social and civic responsibilities, it will serve to eradicate evil, and thus to build a moral society based on good morality..

One of the most important means of achieving this ideal is undoubtedly the month of Ramadan, which the Qur'an has proclaimed.. This happy time period, first of all, the person, It conveys the responsibility of arranging the future by referring to the exquisite auditory, which is the most important motivation source of the servant, by accounting for the past and the state.. To soothe our souls trapped under the dizzy siege of the modern world, especially with fasting worship, urges us to perceive and understand ourselves and our environment. In this sense, mercy, blessings and forgiveness month Ramadan, reminding us that we need a little breathing,, It is a unique time period that prepares the ground for fulfilling our responsibilities and brings us together with the secretary by providing opportunities..

Let's express from this point that, The blessed month of Ramadan, whose shadow of nurlu began to fall upon us; iman, kulluk, It is a unique opportunity to earn the homeland of the hereafter, which is the ultimate truth, with an ideal life we ​​live by centering on the righteous deeds and moral principles.. On this occasion; rahmet, I am asking my supreme Lord that the month of Ramadan is a means of building a better life and the world in order to achieve real goodness for all believers and humanity..

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