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Divine mercy and opportunity month Mubarak Ramadan.

Retired former Trabzon Mufti Ahmet Bulut brain post about the month of Ramadan.

Divine mercy and opportunity month Mubarak Ramadan.
Like all over the world, Within the scope of the measures taken against the Corona virus, which is regarded as the plague of the century., education,professional and commercial activities,all kinds of social activities pause,We reached the month of Ramadan at a time when we focused on protecting our physical and mental health..
As a community,We are aware that the ability to fulfill all our responsibilities for our religion and world depends primarily on being healthy., young old man, men and women as all sensitive believers,Even if it is temporary, to the mosques where we are invited by Divine Invite-Azan.,from the abundance of Friday. Enthusiastic Tarawih Prayers,Davudi voice,from the spiritual flavor of the reactions read by our beautifully recited teachers in mosques.,

deprivation, Failure to continue to the Ramadan School, which is considered to be the Jihad Jihad Jihad.;Religion,Scientific conversation,Konfaransa, Even the cracked Friday Hutbahs, while the cravings for the longing, , Praise and Prayer Time ,We entered the Qur'an and Fasting Month.
Sultan of the Eleven Months ,Favorite of months,The Summit of the Year, Mercy,With all its features and beauties,It is necessary to evaluate very well with the sacrifice of our believer.,Feast of Ramadan,Living in the hear is the behavior of a good believer.
Ramazan,Quran-Kerim to descend,in a corresponding to,It is the Moon that begins to be explained.;”(O sayılı günler)insanlar için bir hidayet rehberi,It is the month of Ramadan, in which the true path and the separation between right and the western are revealed in the Qur'an itself as the obvious evidence.”(1)
During Ramadan Days,To learn the Quran,listening to reading,understanding,to be learned all of,Morality with the Qur'anic Ethics ,Most importantly, to live with the Qur'an sent to live,
Of course,Even after Ramadan.
By directorate of religious affairs,2018′ According to the statement made in,The number of those who read the Quran in our country % 41,The number of people who do not know how to read K.,% 59 hard. %99 In our country, which is regarded as Muslim, many of us do not even know how to read our Supreme Book,It is really a big shame that we were the hopes of our own book., To read the Quran and Mealini carefully and sincerely,we must strive to understand the universal messages that shed light on the ages.
The Most Popular Worship of Ramadan is Fasting.”If so, whoever reaches this Moon within you, fast it.”(2) Ramadan Fasting held as per divine order,riya,It is a great worship, whose consent is unlimited.,His body is spiritual as well as abstinence.,To perfection the soul,it is the easiest time to be restrained with good morals and virtues.
Ramadan is also,Zekat,Fitre,It is time for charity solidarity and assistance., K.Kerimde;”In the property of the rich,There is a right for those who want and are deprived of their shame.”(3)Here are the days,grabbing,getting the prayer of the borrowers,for not paying the grocery debt,of the poor who constantly change their way from shame,the patron of the orphans,is the opportunity to become a partner of trouble.”Zakat Islam(sevgi) Is a bridge. '(4)taking into account the warning of the Messenger of Allah.,with the help of fitrah and generously,It is the season of reconstruction of love bridges.;
“Not for anyone,state owned,sîm-u zer
The trick is to enter a devastated heart.”
What should we sacrifice the opportunity to repair the bridge of the hearts of our hearts and love and brotherhood that we need the most?,ikbal,fortune,Fame,Enan,greed for ignorance,to make our breasts barren, fusing us,to the drying of the love buds that unite ,All in all,birlik,dirlik,and solidarity causes our soul to weaken.

Speak sweetly,smiling face,we need more than ever to love Muhammad, who embraces everyone.
Our love,our help,The sound of our heart beating for believers ,Arakana,Kashmir, Palestinian,,hunger,famine,suffering,too ignorant to fire even the fly on it,It should reach African Muslims without food.,ı,In order to access the forgiveness and blessings of Kadir Nights, better than a thousand months., this will be a means of mercy, insha'Allah.;
“We Dismissed,gather us my god.
We were surprised,right us my god.
We broke up, unite us, my God.
We have contaminated,clean us my god.
We forgot,bring us to ourselves my god”
Sağlık,birlik,dirlik,and wish your Ramadan-Sheriff to be blessed with my blessings and prayers.. 23.04.2020.

1-Bakara 2/185. Retired Provincial Mufti
2-Zariyat 51/19. Pozanti-ADANA.8
4-Meat teribib ve’t tamib c.1 p.517

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