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Ramazan’ın Şerefi Kuran’dandır

The Honor of Ramadan is from the Quran

The Honor of Ramadan is from the Quran

Yup, we said a new year. We thanked Allah for having a new year.

Then we got another Ramadan again.

These days to us, Praise be to our Lord.

The importance of Ramadan is too important to be discussed between months.

Recep bear is also important, The month of Saban is also important, but the month of Ramadan is another value.

Its value comes from the night of "Kadir" which is better than a thousand months..

The Holy Qur'an says about the fasting of Ramadan in the Qur'an in the 185th verse..


O (numbered days), separating the line from the curve, It is the month of Ramadan where the Qur'an is downloaded as explanations about finding the way to go and guide people. Now whoever comes to you this month fasts. Whoever is sick or a passenger, keeps counting other days. God wants convenience for you, doesn't want you to have difficulties. Complete the number, to express the greatness of Allah against sending you on the right path and hope that you will be thankful (sending appropriate provisions).

What signs are there in this verse for those who catch up with this month?.

As can be seen from the verse, The Quran was sent to us in the month of Ramadan., even how we will fast is expressed here. Those who cannot keep any of the evil for reasons, they are then ordered to hold on to health or comfort and emphasize the importance of the number.

In this month, we should remember our Lord more, it is stated that we need to hold his orders tightly.

What a blessing is the Qur'an for us, right??

My Supreme Lord, the Quran and our Prophet (SAV) sent as a guide, Our Prophet (SAV) enlightened humanity in the descent of every verse..

Peygamber Efendimiz (SAV) in a hadith!

When it is the first night of Ramadan, demons and horny demons are chained.

Hell's doors are closed, none of them are opened.

Heaven's doors open and none close. Then a (Angel) şöyle seslenir.

Ey! Good wishes.

Come to worship and servanthood.

O Who wants, give up your sins.

There are many who Allah freed from hell this month.. It is always like this during Ramadan.. Diye buyuruyor. (SAV) Tirmizi-Savm-1

Therefore, Ramadan plays a very important role in the flow of our lives..

We should know how to take advantage of this abundance..

Okay to Kadir night;

Tonight, there is a lot to say.

One time “bin” better than the moon.

A thousand months is a human life, that corresponds to eighty years.

So those who revive the night of power, it is as if the person who revives literally worshiped eighty years.

Ne kadar, a great blessing.

For those who are lacking in worship, an opportunity to escape. Eighty years.

The verse about it is as follows;

Duration of Power (1-3) verses


We her (Quran) We downloaded it in the night of Kadir.

Bilir misin nedir Kadir gecesi Kadir gecesi bin aydan hayırlıdır.

Of Ramadan, abundance else!

And when the Qur'an is added to this abundance, then it is completely different..

It is for this that Ramadan Quran bear called.

More Quran reads this month. Recitals are made, homes are read individually.

We should read more this month as much as we can.

We should even aim to make a hatim for a month..

We should also read the meaning. Then you won't get enough of it.

If you read the meaning of each page you read. You will see how it will affect your life.

Let's see this Ramadan let's try this.

Our greatest sacred sacrifice in the Qur'an. The holy month of Ramadan, raises your honor even more.

Yup, There is a virus epidemic.

We can't go to mosques. We will not be able to perform Tarawih prayers that make up the spirit of Ramadan..

So what do we do?.

We will consider the month of Ramadan even more. We will worship more.

Let's try to perform accident prayers. Also, we do not give up the congregation that is very important..

We are imams in our house. To our spouse, to our mother, prayers with our offspring, we make the tarawirs together.
Or if we have grown boys, let's make him imam so they can get used to it.

So let's not lose the twenty-seventh degree of reward for communion.

Let's bring Salavat to our Prophet this month. Mümkünse son on gün “İtikafa” girelim

now, Let us pray the Rosary prayer, even once in a while. Let's get used to this kind of worship.

Allah created this Virus, which is a problem for the world,.

Allah gives troubles to make His servants better..

Let's evaluate our current position and eliminate our shortcomings.

One week before Ramadan, if we have zakat. It is good to give our fitra and ransom early.

There are a lot of people who are victims now. Especially our daily brothers and sisters are in trouble.

Let's help them.

This month is an opportunity. Let's try to evaluate this.

Let's turn this opportunity in our favor.

May my Lord make our month of Ramadan good for the whole Islamic world. opportunistic the, the factious, to the traitors of the homeland, do not give opportunity to internal and external enemies.

I congratulate the Ramadan of all our brothers. Allaha emanet olunuz.

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