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I greet you all with respect and with love.

Assalamu Alaikum and my Rahmetullahi and Berekatüh

God's Mercy, May the blessing be upon all the Believers.

Member of the High Council of Religious Affairs Prf. Dr. Bünyamin Erul Bey has recently made some statements on social media. Whatever these explanations wise,, it was broadcast in the media on the same days, that is, close to Ramadan.

I can say that I am not as knowledgeable as this person.. Because they became Professors.

I will try to answer as much as I can by making use of the website of the Presidency of Religious Affairs..

Once it has to be known that;

Those who chant Allah, our Prophet (SAV) Salat greeters do not just do this job from morning to evening. They are human beings too.. So, this is a bit of Sufism.. Science from people with Sufism, from science, icattan, advanced use of reason, assimilating and embracing homeland issues and resolving, We are people who strive for humanity to benefit from the knowledge that Allah has given..

So; Sayın Prf. As Bünyamin Erul said of the brain.

We are not just disconnected from the world, drawn to our own shell.

I think it is useful to know this.

He has! No such people? There are of course. (It is their responsibility too. We have to look at where these people took this responsibility)

I do not feel any intention to put this issue in front of people like the pacific rice every year..

Since this is such an important issue. Chant Allah, how many programs have they made themselves about bringing salat to the prophet can be of no use to people?.

Sayın Prf. I'm asking. We are currently experiencing an extraordinary situation.

Where is religious?, There are a lot of channels, there are state-owned Dianet channels, where is there a statement about this virus??

Ma'am, defense, this misfortune They are afraid to say, "It came from Allah.". (I mean, the Diyanet is a high board) our teacher (our Imam) thank you.

I want to mention one more thing.

You go to the doctor. If it gives you syrup or pills for treatment. It tells you how to use them.

You will drink a spoon or two pills a day, right??

If you don't follow the rule given by the doctor. If you drink the syrup all at once on the same day, you will hurt yourself.

This is the issue of numbers.. The Sufi people did not make up these numbers on their own..

The people they belong to,, They give by considering their mood and mood.

While doing so, this work will be linked to a site.. The importance of the work is revealed.

Go to them, lie down at home.

Doing another job! They never say. Recommendations; ilim, okuma, is on work. A good person, is about being a good servant to Allah because of a good citizen.

Did Fatih Sultan Mehmet Khan conquer Istanbul only by himself.

Hayır, Conquered with all the soldiers and with the invisible Ak Şemseddin Hz..

Fatih both read the time of the conquest and how I can launch the ships from the land on the sea..

Hence, “Actuality, Dua, Rosary ”are inseparable brothers.

If I read three rosary names celal on my way to work.

If I read three rosaries,. What if I read salat greetings to that supreme prophet sent as mercy to the three rosary realms.

What is the harm. Later, this rosary, which I have read Yahbbi, is the reward of the horse..

These days, language is extended to futile worship.. Yok, sir, "there is no prayer, No sir, no house., No, sir, there is no prayer for Ishraq ”. But it's for me. I'm breaking.

What harm would I do. The biggest worship in Allah's sight is "PRAYER".

Does my Lord ever say; why did you pray so much. So they produce scenarios that are unimaginable..

Then let the High Council of Religious Affairs come out so that these worshipes are not in our religion.

They cannot say because these are actions that strengthen faith..

It will prevent people from chanting Allah, with writing! Zaten yozlaşmış içi boşalmış Müslümanları daha da boş olmaları yönünde yazılar yazmayınız lütfen.

Everybody do your job. To This Country, this humanity will not be harmed by the Sufi people. Tasavvuf ehli; Wherever there is an oppressed, he prays. Helps him.

Şimdi! I share with you the information I have received from the website of the Presidency of Religious Affairs..

The part about bringing Salat-u Salam to the Prophet.

The verse is commanded in Kerim:

“Surely Allah and his angels, They say much to the Prophet. Ey mü’minler, bring goodwill to Him and greet him with complete surrender.!”

(el-Ahzâb, 56) (Muezzin reads before sermon every Friday prayer)

Again, since the sub description is a little long, I can quote the verse of the verse who wants to quote it very briefly..

“Siz de ona salât ve selâm okuyunuz” his order is binding, order must be fulfilled. But it's time, Because there was no explanation about the space and the number of them, the fiqhers made different comments..


Verses about Allah Remembrance.

Surah Al-imran 190-191 verses mealen;


In the creation of heaven and earth, Of course, there are signs for the intellectual owners in the difference of day and night..


Onlar ayakta dururken, sitting, they always remember Allah when they lie; think of the creation of the heavens and the earth: “Our Lord! You didn't create it in vain, discern and sanctify youeriz. Protect us from the torment of hell!

  1. As stated in the verse, the Almighty God, the creator and owner of the heavens and the earth, is standing., seated, lying, briefly he remembers with deep respect in all his cases; If he opposes the orders and prohibitions of such a power, he is afraid of being punished by His punishment and takes refuge in Allah's mercy to protect him from this punishment..

Extensive information can be viewed on the Internet.

Why is our Lord Remaining from the Remembrance?. On the contrary, get it for a moment, We should not be left behind. That is our salvation.

As a result, I say.

Let's come to ourselves. God will help us then.

And let's share this article., Let the lesson be a lesson for those who think Salat to the Prophet.

If we had a slip of the tongue that amnesty.
Allah Yar ve Yardımcımız olsun.

Selam ve Dua ile. Entrust to God.

Cemal Yıldız.

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