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We will devote our article this week to some of our findings about social assistance..

You've been wanting to write for a long time.
It is known that blessed three months have passed We are in Shaban month 24 Nisan 2020 Be blessed to all our Muslim brothers on the first day of Ramadan on Friday.

As you all know, helping people, kindliness, feelings of mercy come to the top in these months. Zakahs are given in these months. Sadaka, Fitr, Qadar, more done in these months.

Again, many institutional or individual people around us, there are aid organizations.

Governorship, governorship, Municipalities, Social Assistance Foundations, Private and Legal Foundations, Red Crescent, Green Crescent, Associations STLs etc.. They provide in-kind and cash aids to those in need on different days of the year.. These institutions are not aware of each other's help..

Municipality or District Governorate or "B" foundation are not aware of the help of "A" foundation to someone in need..

I am of the opinion that all these institutions should subordinate their aid to a system..

We are deceived if we think that we have helped with such primitive methods in the 21st century.

İnsanları "Annoyed" No help is provided by sharing your own help on social media.

I witnessed a lot, to people waiting at the doors of tradesmen. Someone is coming there waiting for minutes.

From time to time, that shopkeeper, from the bottom of the safe, an envelope, or give a food box. This is very humiliating..

Yup, What's the solution.

As we said at the beginning, this aid should be connected to a system..

I recently attended a meeting of Mr. Zorluoğlu. At the meeting, they said that they established the "Social Affairs Department" and that they completed many deficiencies..

This is a nice event. Now someone in need can apply to many places and get help.

It even takes more than you need. This brings imbalance and injustice in distribution.

The first option for us is this.

All charities should be gathered under one roof. A "Database" must be created.

Governorship, governorship, Must contact the municipal mukhtars and first create a list of the needy.

Put the measures of need. It should organize the list according to these measurements and enter the system.

Everyone should be able to provide individual or institutional assistance to this institution in return for documents..

The person "A" can give zakat here, or he can give infancy. Members of the "B" foundation should be able to provide their assistance to this institution in exchange for a receipt or receipt..

A tradesman should be able to deposit that amount after calculating his zakat..

This roof institution should be supported financially and spiritually by the state.

Should be audited every six months by independent auditors.

What help should be followed and who should be followed, leaks should be avoided.

People in need will apply to this institution. After the necessary research is done, this person will receive in-kind or cash aid..

Aid will be provided by this “Roof” institution. Other institutions will refer those seeking assistance to this Roofing institution..

Aid in kind or in cash A regular payment every month (Maaş) may also be recorded.

Since the database has been created, the operations done here, Governorship, governorship, The municipality and every institution involved will be able to see.

Even if the needy is ill-intentioned, he / she will not receive assistance for a second time..

So these irregular distributions, offensive situations disappear.

The second option is!

Eğer; If NGOs do not agree to gather under one roof, then this database created again is defined to these NGOs..

Thus, when a person who receives help from the foundation "A" also applies to the foundation "B", he will not be able to get help because it will appear in the system..

The advantage of gathering under one roof is that the intelligence about the person is more robust.. Governorship, the district governorship or municipal officials are important as they will do the research..

If this situation is resolved, people will not wait at the Mukhtars' doors.. You go to the headman, you see that at least ten people, most of them, are waiting for help from the headman.. This is a very sad situation. If this continues like this, it will make all the administrations difficult..

We are a nation that likes to give this system to our system..

Considering this, this work is solved. Kanaatindeyim.

Of course, voluntary people will contribute to these institutions.. It will be appropriate to get in touch with these people and recruit those who will work in these institutions after their history has been thoroughly investigated..

Entrusted to Allah. Selam ve Dua ile



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