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Şaban-ı Şerif Berat Gecesi

Saban-i-Sharif Night of Berat


Saban-i-Sharif Night of Berat

Master brothers! that we have reached them the first three months of Rajab-i-Sharif “Şehrullah” in “Regaib” ve “Mirac” There were nights that they were now. Secondly the month of Shaban-i-Sharif; “Şehrun-Nebi” well in his “Weight” night that; 7 mark 8 Insha Allah this night connecting April ummah of Muhammad and as we will have reached realize. Allah'u (cc) teal in this holy night and that his marijuana-i to benefit from divine, Our forgiveness to Almighty God that mazhars to, not nail all our legitimate demands and desires, Ravaged our world Kovid 19 get rid of all infectious and dangerous diseases such as Kadiri- We share the absolute Halkier eylesin. The modern scourges; The sense of the Qur'an according to their own head, Hz. the Prophet (sav) To disable the circumcision, Revelation pass in front of their mind, mujtahid aware, External scholars recognize in a timely fashion history, the head of the Shiite and Wahhabi; Afghans, Abduh, disrupts the head with philosophies like Sayyed Reza,non-scholars, from the evil of which are subject to these poor workers kept their own religion rigging eyle God. O my Lord Almighty! unjustly imprisoned in the prisons, The liberation of all oppressed under torture as prisoners found in different parts of the world share eyle. Doers, kafirlerin, deviators of, müşriklerin, heathens, Pharaoh’ The administrators of laş, Karunlaş the rich, Haman'laş of the two-faced, deviated rulers of Justice; gidermeyip authorities that distract people's needs; Muslims in the usurer, punter to, cooper to, drug barons, ihtikarcı to, stockists to, greedy traders selling goods with high price-fickle get the opportunity to deliver the Lord give. Our nation is in need of our country noble and necessary and useful things made of the, to be produced, Admission to, sold to, that hinder; birliğimizi, the traitor among us who want to disrupt our Ballad, politicians and industrialists, vice-nudity-adultery- fuhşu- The husband and wife to cheat each other- all kinds of corrupting our disgrace of ethics written and visual media networks to pumps, also devastated the family hearth to the infamous Lord Almighty opportunity and you do not allow. notably in East Turkistan: Palestine-Jerusalem-Gaza, Miammar-Arakan, Kashmir, Afganistan,Pakistan, Sudan, libya, Syria, Yemen, Irak, Somali, Azerbaijan-Nagorno-Karabakh as peace and comfort with the kidnapping and death traps around the wound, no matter where in the world all at once innocent and peace of the oppressed, peace, brotherhood, real freedom and the liberation of the Qur'an and Muslims all over the world and come back together around the Right Sunnah, Justice, standing and holding regain the spirit of compassion and sharing, This beautiful day and all night, especially in the esma-ul Husna soon bestowed the honor and müyesser eyle ALLAHIM !… AMİN…AMİN…AMİN…You have entrusted to the Lord Almighty Yüceler.

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