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Müslümanın Her Hali İbadet Olmalıdır

Every Muslim must worship Halim Register

You know O Muslims worship your every mood.

Nasıl mı?
Others will stay at home to avoid spreading the disease you do not enter you the right to use ibadett.
You are warned to remove the social rules for the sustenance of the children from the street you ibadett.
Doctor health worker, you nurse, housekeeping attendant noticed that you can not get others to train day and night to make life livable ibadett Press
Remove the smiling face business challenges nationals working in public office to see if the Citizens' serviceIf you see dull when you ibadett.
If you're patient caught the disease ibadett.
If you're a scientist's ibadett the floor day and night to find the drug's Disease.
If a statesman's ibadett're in trouble all the troubles of finding a remedy to the Citizen.
If you're a journalism ibadett the pursuit of responsible media professionals to inform citizens of the right.
ibadett you're working in any of the agents of the supply chain needs of people who need to provide them in the most appropriate terms and prices.
Against the case even if you say you're right ibadett.
Decency would have spent if you're nice to people ibadett.
You're rushed to the aid of needy ibadett.
In short the Muslim Kalam, If you live in a Muslim state which every man would worship Kamil.
God our sentences and sentence Kamil these difficult days to evaluate the conditions of her soul to make its best efforts Kamil human way of being human servant who. (Amin)

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