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Trabzon Sınavını Nasıl Veriyor

Trabzon Exam How Veriyor


Yusuf Turgut 30 Mart 2020, 15:37 0 People panikles even State-Government and Local governments should not lose its composure. Trabzon in the first period coronavirus' woman from the Netherlands’ There was panic. It came in a panic that each head a voice. The result appeared to be spoken in the city is not true legend. Women also names him and he lost his life around were treated and Karantiya. God give healing. When this case and similar cases begin preparations were made in Trabzon. First Kaşüstü a coronavirus Diagnostic Training and Research Hospital, It was made into test and treatment centers. Trabzon Governor Ismail Ustaoğlu, Provincial Health Director Hakan Masters and the Legal Training and Research Hospital and the Deputy Chief Prof.Dr. Solomon Türedi team and kept it quick. Metropolitan Mayor Murat with Zorluoğl Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Young, Ortahisar Governor Tolga Togan again took all necessary measures. Bir, They've taken local measures. İki, From Ankara that the Interior Ministry and all directives from the health ministry to fulfill the uncompromising acted. Metropolitan gave weight to Drugs. Ortahisar Municipality cleaning was doubled and streets washed with soapy water. Especially 65 people were kept in mind completely at home on the age health. Do not fragile at this point, where. They even make their own videos and talked about their lives. He learned watching the video will affect the way in which they got from their. 65 and Metropolitan Municipality for years and older moved in both Ortahisar Municipality. Support line and Wafa Wafa was the citizen support groups. I would like to note that a successful exam. it's not over, Trabzon front 2 There are more weeks. Although also it called for a week. A week ahead of the disease is expected to peak stresses can be controlled completely other week. There is no doubt in my bayram.bayra in front of us to be holy lovers who miss the social distance as distant from each other. Or by phone or remote. We always say that in past festivals, ‘Aman yola çıktığınızda yavaş gidip. now go slow on your remote near te gets here though.’ This festival also will be a bit of formality coronavirus. Dear Readers, in Trabzon 700 Tested. It 700 In patients with suspected 70 cases were detected. These cases are being treated. Now, a health and hygiene rules itinalıyız. 66 year-old Fatih Terim 70 year-old Prince Charles to beat disease. I wish from God to cure all treated. There are no shortage of explosions in Turkey, but a large case. Each yl its own under control;. According to the information we obtain from the health community, Among the provinces in Trabzon who complete tasks in this sense. Since we are prone country's Interior Minister. Say the following. comply with the rules and curfews sensitive point to let.

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