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Respect for Islam



Yusuf Turgut 01 Nisan 2020,

I read an excellent overview of the Sinop Mufti. I share with my readers and I congratulate both: Because massacres against Islam and Muslims who apply, For those who say Islam has set up a terrorist organization and has given a very nice level posts: That article: 'Korona everyone since its epidemic began began to return to the policies and principles in accordance with their beliefs. Pope in Italy, trying to give hope to the people praying in empty streets, Israeli Health Minister: Christ will come to save us, Christ will cleanse us from all over the world worry” dedi. Pagan culture circles have also began to create legends in their own saints. Müslümanların da İslam Peygamberi Hz Muhammed (sav)'S ordered by the quarantine, Washing hands before eating and after, sleep, wake up and get out of the toilet from the information age to the world once again with the transport agenda issues such as cleaning hands of the whole world of Islam in this period was learned that a cleaning civilization. Inherent thousand four hundred years ago and consists of the Sunnah of the Prophet to pay attention to their hygiene of the Muslims in the desert climate is unknown ages, both shed light on the future of higher uniformity was once again certified. Mankind's latest technological facilities and the powerful states in that it has the ability to destroy the weapons produced at a time when weak, rich poor, strong-weak discriminating anyone from being threatened by an invisible virus that what we have in the whole world not benefit the state is incapable of husband, showed that helpless and alone. 101 who died due to the wealth 6 heart, 3 kidney and 2 The alleged liver transplant, such as David Rockefeller, the people doing the new world order and on behalf of big plans to create management models, there is no guarantee that they will get rid of this vires. All temporary status and authorities of these viruses reset all the people were upset about their plans for the future. Andalusian civilization buried the date of the call to prayer to be read to prohibit Palace and Granada in Spain which do not tolerate even the prayer call to prayer began to be read. In certain mosques in Germany and the Netherlands were allowed to read the call to prayer. out the head of the Italian state, "Our business remains in God," he says. Reading the Koran in a formal meeting where the US President, flippant, standing next to his wife, "Look Quran Reading is serious", we see that saying has invited him to listen to the Quran. In fact, the virus spread from the moment mankind is helpless enough that even powerful states to a place of their own forces saw this great calamity would only be stopped by force that the world has. They wanted the oppressed and despised Muslims from praying. This does not mean that they learn from their misfortune. Because now it is in history that God will continue to kill innocent wolf If this annoyance. They are far from the truth, and guidance for the atrocities they fall into the inner circle of decision eyes. However unprejudiced conscience and the will of Allah unpolluted people will see that a human civilization of Islam. manage and perception of the world, Müslümanları katil ve barbar göstererek İslam’ın şefkat ve merhamet medeniyeti olduğunu perdelediler. Muslim terrorists have shown to new generations of young people in schools. But also infected with Islamophobia industry collapsed. They've focused on the fight against the virus. They understand that no face to pray with their dirty hands, They do not have a clean slate that they will present the new generation they grow. Weather, earth, Westerners leave legacies to create a world of their children heartless and unscrupulous pollute the water. pirate they themselves do not believe in human rights and freedoms false entries poem collapsed into a quest. But this quest just to get rid of the virus.. Our Lord knows the hearts of the essence "They want to extinguish the Light of Allah with their mouths. But Allah will complete the light which is commanded. In the US agenda and determining who designed the world with headlines taken weekly "Newsweek" magazine, "Mohammad Proposal to Protect the coronavirus" appeared under the title. the plague of the Prophet article has been the subject of Prophet cleansing about circumcision therefore suggests that the practice of quarantine, washing of hands awakens, blessed it, and then ordered the cleaning of hands before eating circumcision was the cover story of the world. This virus outbreak thus humanity cleanliness in Islam, Threti, gusül the ablution, Krntinyı, After the toilet has been learned to wash hands. Today, the same cleanliness at the point where modern medicine and hygiene rules were being pointed to. Önyargısız ve vicdanlı insanların İslam’ı kabulün önündeki engeller kalkarak İslam’ı temizlikle tanıyan insanların İslam’la bilimselliğin örtüştüğünü İslam’ın insanlığın dini olduğunu keşfetmiş oldular. Ali Hayri Steel / Sinop Mufti.’

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