It is recommended to make the trip overseas as possible. In cases where it is mandatory to go abroad, the following rules should be considered:

the proposed basic principles to reduce the overall risk of transmission of acute respiratory infections New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Also applies to. Bunlar;

  • Hand cleaning has to be observed. Or az 20 seconds for wash with soap and water, soap and alcohol-based hand antiseptics in the absence of water should be used. There is no need to use antibacterial soap or antiseptic containing, normal soap is sufficient.
  • mouth without washing hands, should not be in contact with eyes and nose.
  • should avoid contact with sick people (if possible, at least 1 Do away bulunulmalı).
  • Specifically, patients hands after direct contact with people or the environment should be cleaned frequently
  • Patients possible due to the presence of heavily should not go to the health centers, In cases where the health care provider should be minimized to avoid contact with other patients.
  • nose and mouth during coughing or sneezing be covered with disposable paper wipes, inner elbow must be used in the absence of tissue, if possible, it should not be entered into crowded places, if you have to enter the mouth and nose should be covered if kalınıy, medical masks should be used.
  • Avoid raw or undercooked animal food products. Well cooked food should be preferred.
  • Farms, live animal markets and high-risk areas should be avoided in terms of overall infections, such areas can be cut animals.
  • after Holidays 14 attaching a mask if you have any respiratory symptoms during the day should consult the nearest health facility, should be given information about travel history Ph.D..