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I wonder if we said to a question asked when; "You know how the meaning of religious terms?” veya "How do you know the word Ottoman?”

I personally can not say so much more than I knew something.

But I've always been interested. The area I was interested in the depth of meaning.

You're looking at four letters formed but a means sea.

Here's one of them is Jesus.


Chat Master of Mr. Bekir Develi, Number of books brought into the interview made by the gentleman Vital Faith. Titled "Factory Reset" a very nice interview. we will have a very sampling Course.

It reminds us that we forget the many virtues.

because they pay tribute to such a work, we would like to thank both.

İşte; This book also goes by the word of Isa.

Literally these: "Catering Dictionary and renounce him to choose someone else in need of the soul, although it is" literally means.

In such a case, of course, reach, human self (spirit) yapmış olduğu bir çalışma ile elde edilir.

This is the beginning of the Prophet's Companions frequently read the life and work and would have applied but we have taken there.

Again, you look at life or in the lives of people today, leaders of Islamic Scholars, they are always refreshments will. Worldly gains do not make this kind of account does not concern them.

Ashap; Peygamberimiz Hz. Muhammet (SAV) they asked.

Or your prophecies reason Resulellah from which you honored?

Şöyle cevaplıyor o yüce İnsan "Business is my landlord".

So you share the hungry bread.

when give lazımmı.

In fact, it is doing much more beautiful children. You will receive a toy your child wants very much to behold. You will see that he is not sorry and gave it to her friends and. Is it not a sense of how clean?

During these times we need to be for business owners in.

Cross-border or around us in need and to understand them in need and always behaving îsarl, If so what we need to dertleşmek of their concerns with their needs are so.

Sharing is good.

Sharing ourselves, our family, We need to become common around us.

Mal also multiplies when shared. Islam "Zakat" There are touching. Here's the best way to share.

But even if the owners should share zekâta. Peygamberi bir metot olan Isara the unutmamalı.

Let's think about.

Did we give it to one of our needs while our own needs?

If our lives should be placed immediately research or anything like that and we should take advantage of these virtues.

Selam ve dua ile…

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