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Monthly Archives: December 2019


Very Dear brothers and sisters; Brotherhood document may have been eligible to Dursun Bond Her brother's Mercy. We wish him mercy and patience to the family of God. “İnnalillahi ve İnna ileyhi Raciun” We come from God and to God we shall return . Read More »


Dear Brothers and Sisters. Our brother Omar Bradley Nightingale from our Dergah'ı. have undergone heart surgery, unfortunately, unable to surgery in a healthy way. Despite all the interventions made, It has acquired the right of mercy. We extend our condolences to the family of God Himself mercy. Bye, My sister Rose. You've turned the path of Allah. Qadiri coming, Mountains stones moans, Everyone was silent listening, Pir Gailani are. Or are you sitting divine, Do you own the sky, You know that all the worlds, Pir Gailani are. Shoot the burial ... Read More »

Beware Islam (SHARE)

My very dear brothers. As in the past, our country, now the oppressed all over the world have embraced this context, and is doing his best in the State. We have to do our utmost as citizens falling. Starting from the Soul of Islam to -Paylaş our businessmen and philanthropists with donations we have obtained from our own association members. Trabzon İsmetpaşa needy elementary school students 211 pair of shoes to deliver to our children's school Principal Mr. Ayhan Ozturk ... Read More »


Dear Friends; If God wills 14 Ocak 2020 de 15 day “Umrah” We're going to ride. This journey will accompany us in our Haci Baba and led us to hope. in total, 17 It will be a day trip. There are our brothers and sisters who will participate in Ankara-Istanbul-Samsun-Adana-Elazig. Allah Yar ve Yardımcımız olsun. Hopefully, our way and our journey Mubarak her soul. Entrust to God. Read More »


BECOME ONE, Dear friends LIVING TOGETHER, "In the past everything it was more beautiful" or we say; Really it is. In the past everything was more beautiful. I used to live together in one. our Mahal; öğretmende vardı, There were also trades, police had, There were guards of, I had to take that sells old, There was a lecturer at the university, There was also a colonel in the military employees, There were military personnel working in, She had the nurse. ... Read More »

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