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Değerli dostlar, "In the past everything it was more beautiful" or we say;

Really it is. In the past everything was more beautiful.

I used to live together in one.

our Mahal; öğretmende vardı, There were also trades, police had, There were guards of, I had to take that sells old, There was a lecturer at the university, There was also a colonel in the military employees, There were military personnel working in, She had the nurse.

Now they are in no. No really.

something like if everyone made a classification drawn to their local.

However, the mixed society of each individual separately, To live in separate districts shows that's actually how far a society that society.

I will never forget. Mr. Chairman Atay who Trabzon'umuza our municipality was our neighbor Aktug. How kind he was still a human being when I saw it all with my cordial greetings to my childhood muhabbetimiz. My late father, he was a retired soldier. Each state would give a message to residents.

Again, we had a neighbor was Chief Commissioner. When would counsel us all see. He patted our heads.

Nurses had our sister. Top jammed want to go to her aid. He'd do his best.

save for our old junk uncle. We give him without charge.

Teachers abiler, ask questions at every opportunity, does not leave us empty. the issues we are weak; I would say the events come to me help you with that.

Abdul Hocam (Allah rahmet eylesin) street saw us come over here, read the Fatiha, Read the sincerity. He was spent in haste from a small trial.

Still working in the military Mahmoud Beykoz (Rest in peace) A colonel moved to the neighborhood with its reference. We could not see him very often.

But his wife was a very different man. My wife tells her he still stops hanımlıg. He made the ladies in the house and preached chat.

Those trades larger than that of Tradesmen uncles grocery store, He oversees the neighborhood's poor.

There was always something they will distribute their vehicles behind.

The situation was the same at school. The poor children were reading together in a beautiful way with children from rich families.

when, We share our clothes. Even wears a friend for a few days. Then another friend wore. We breathe in the rich ale, He ordered pretzels. I still communicate with friends than he.

On weekends we play matches in the garden of Trabzon high school. He queued neighborhoods. I would not ever fight.

In short, once rich, fakir, okumuş, uneducated. Teacher, I have, asker, We lived together all civil. And I was a very happy.


I see you went to this beauty disappeared. Nowadays, everyone retreated into their shells.

Soldiers in a separate place, Teachers separately, Education officials in a separate place, police began living in separate b i.

So once I had rich, There were poor they lived together in what was now.

I think the understanding of humanity has changed.

Now retired just in our neighborhood, minimum wage, Afgan ve Suriye kökenli insanlar ikamet etmekte.

I've been happier in the period we live together. It had little or no crime. Because the conscious people of knowledge they would not allow the evil to be held.

He would not do evil in which evil will do them twisting the testicles.

When I started elementary school teacher in my village, he taught five classes than their own. That makes a lesson to fifth grade, He did a course in the third grade. Go to first to fifth grade class why they see going on in the same class lessons.

The good side of that was in us 1, 2de, 3de, 4Anyone who read the course in 5 listens to the fifth grade, according to him, was the opportunity to experience.

Those in the lower classes so we could not do mischief. Those in the upper class would hinder us.

I mean; We completed our missing each other we live together. Tells the connoisseurs who do not complete the missing.

Behold, everything in nature has something they called each other exactly. We must also complete each other in our lives we are, glad you came.

Peygamberimiz Hz. State Chairman Mustafa Muhammad SAW was but it was never separated from the public. the rich, Lived in the same neighborhoods with slave. This must be the most beautiful examples.

In short, "We have a, We have to live together "

May Allah be with you Peace and Prayers.




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