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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Genealogy PROPHETS

1. Adam (as). 2. frivolous (as): Babası: Adam PBUH, And his mother, Hz. and Eve. 3. İdris (as): İdris (as)Then the strain, Yerd (yahud Yarid) b. Mehlâil b. Kay­narı (yahud Kaynen) b. enUS, b. frivolous, b. Adam PBUH. 4. Nuh (as): Nuh b. coaster (or Lemke), b. Mettu Şelah, b. Ahnuh (or Uhnuh) (So PBUH Idris), b. Yerd (or vechile), b. Mehlâil, b. Kayn (or boiling in), ... Read More »


MORAL CORRUPTION Very Dear Readers; Now, Moral corruption in almost every year I write an article about Turkey. by our brothers and sisters are not the lack of God in this matter are of course the health of all pen. It is by God or the Son of Man "to enjoin- From evil to Neyhet " (to forbid)la has been assigned. do our best to correct the mistakes we have seen for him, yapılan iyilikleri de övmek anlatmak hem İslami hem de insani bir ... Read More »


My very dear brothers. Hepinizi Allah’ın selamı ile selamlıyorum. Assalamu aleikum and Rahmetullahi and Berekatüh. Yüce Rabbimizin Rahmeti, Abundance, İhsanı hepimizin üzerine olsun. Dear brothers and sisters, Every person should have done that job stress in day, disappointment, anger, embarrassment, Due to an act that should not be faced with cases like to feel crushed. This situation is normal. Önemli olan bu durumlar karşısında kendimize hâkim olmamız ve karşı tarafa ... Read More »

DERGAH-I envernizar bridge of Hearts Seyahatnamesi (2) A PIECE OF HUMANITY IN THE FIRST PLACE OF RESIDENCE ŞANLIURFA from Mesopotamia

23 EKİM 2019 HUMANITY IN THE FIRST PLACE OF RESIDENCE which is the second stop on our trip from Mesopotamia PART, The first human settlement in Mesopotamia, which is a part of our province Sanliurfa night hours 22.00 We came in as. Our journey went fine. We made our daily zikrullah'ı. We read word-i Tawheed. Discussions have made. Haji Our father found us in the sermons. We found the lady offered to our brothers and sisters. We settled in our hotel. Khalil-ur first day- We made the Rahman mosque. Namaz sonrası ... Read More »

DERGAH-I envernizar bridge of Hearts Seyahatnamesi (1) Mardin to REFLECTIONS LOOK STONE 22 EKİM 2019

Very Precious Precious, Honor the Honorable brothers have received the faith. 22 Ekim 2019 Google notes I have taken on trips that we have done our Haci Baba I want to share with you. Dear "John" s greet all of you with Allah's greetings. Assalamu Alaikum my verahmetullah and Berekatüh. God's Mercy, Abundance, Mağfireti hepimizin üzerine olsun. Dear Brothers and Sisters; Yüce Rabbim nasip etti Mürşidimiz Hacı Enver Babamızla birlikte yine yeni bir seyahat ... Read More »

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