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Very Dear Readers;

Now, Moral corruption in almost every year I write an article about Turkey. by our brothers and sisters are not the lack of God in this matter are of course the health of all pen.

It is by God or the Son of Man "to enjoin- From evil to Neyhet " (to forbid)la has been assigned.

do our best to correct the mistakes we have seen for him, well done to explain to commend both Islamic kindness is both a humanitarian mission.

In fact, the biggest factor in the first television channel that directs people about it the wrong way, secondly mobile phones.

Television channels are middle aged and older people, Drag the age of cell phones are smaller and have received under the influence of young people and society toward an unknown.

There is much to say about it. I know that each of the individuals in this regard full.

Knees "rating" for the sake of full scenarios will astonish. None of them does not meet the spirit of Islam is incompatible with Islam and filled with action words. This kind of incident is linked to the program following that followed the mood. What do you expect from such series or movie watching child or family in the street?

Ma'am; Of course there are ways to get rid of them, of course. But the intention to accomplish something before him, and got him to believe that you can succeed.

We can succeed. A lady decade and our brother to me since I left the television monitoring social media. I relaxed and said,. So do Abiliyormuş.

Let us come this evening, a hijra.

Nasıl mı?

Let's go from room TV in a room with no TV in the room and that we waste our time.

Yup, brothers believe this is a hijra.

Television is similar to a cigarette smoking habit. Every cigarette smoker in the suit, "I will leave this cigarette," he says, but do not believe it. Spirit not ready for him. Ultimately continues to smoke.

First, the "Spirit" also did not you? Spirit does not like the reason why I enjoy.

Physical reasons why they do not like they need to look a likes.

How is the food of the body, visiting to eat and drink, laugh, cry, etc.. things are.

Then there is a soul food. It is also worship. That is to have faith Kamil. If you will have faith Kamil, We can not find a job contrary to divine order from us courage in making ourselves.

The fruit of the tree of faith "Beautiful is moral." Behold what he asks. Hz. Our Prophet. "I was sent to complete good morals." According to our example, we will take the personality of our Prophet SAAS we got our first review our ethos in.

If we continue to worship in a uniform manner. Our heart "of Nurlan". Now there begin to show God's love itself.

Heart of God do not tend to never do evil in people with love.

Because he is no longer look from Central. Overlooks the point where God ordered.

Well, this look is it when watching the wrong movie or a TV series?

Is this the ear will not be disturbed when he heard something wrong time?

Is that speaks your language, then lie, Dedikodu, Did backbiting makes?

All our maximum then it would have been ready to worship God in points. does not look Haram.

What if we do not fulfill our mission in life we ​​have lived in servitude to Allah would mean.

Now we are entering the winter season.

The nights are long. So this long night of TV series in spite of improper, We spent by pursuing sports programs, etc..

If you are able to access it that we will have faith Kamil.

Then we knees or twisting the testicles watching inappropriate programs. We are ashamed of our Lord. we must keep in mind that any time. Lord sees us every moment everywhere. Then see this as improper movement. It also has an account. This concerns us and we will not give up our breed this love.

This is our time to our own age by organizing appropriate programs, neighbors visits, religious chats, or there are also channels broadcasting in this regard. Reading books, especially the Koran meaning of life or the Prophet Hz. Aisha, Hz. Hatice, Hz. Fatima our mother could spend their lives reading.

At an evening in one of these okutup our childrens books we can also can contribute as a listener. There is much work to be done. You have to evaluate the best time is short.

Enter her soul to heaven when pulled from the servants of Allah accounts.

Selam ve dua ile Allaha emanet olunuz.


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