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My very dear brothers.

Hepinizi Allah’ın selamı ile selamlıyorum.

Assalamu aleikum and Rahmetullahi and Berekatüh.

Yüce Rabbimizin Rahmeti, Abundance, İhsanı hepimizin üzerine olsun.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Every person should have done that job stress in day, disappointment, anger, embarrassment, Due to an act that should not be faced with cases like to feel crushed.

This situation is normal.

Faced with this situation that matters is that we judge ourselves and our losses do not give the other party.

This is a way to get rid of it and in a similar situation "Zikr" passes through parliament.

See, my Lord Almighty "Surat ar-Ra'd 28," he says in verse th.

"Hearts find peace, but to God moment."(Ra'd Suresi 28)

Of course, the biggest "Zikr" is Prayer. He can say.

We make our prayers more for what you get.

Dear brothers and sisters. Religious Prayer is not already in the pillar of dhikr namazsız.

Just think. It ended the day with the fatigue of the day.

We made our night prayers. There are a lot of problems in our commercial or administrative head.

He began to chant together. Rasulullah SAW Selati we bring to our Lord Selen.

Together in harmony.

Daha! We are bringing Takbir praise our Almighty Lord. Daha! We read word-i Tawheed.

We hope that reading, very important; It will be our greatest witness to God's unity. Together in harmony, "La ilaha ill İLLELLAH" there is no god but Allah. Lie, No snag, But God has. Trade, yemede, içmede, clothing, etc.. And everywhere in the works, but God got.

It is one of the most beautiful Asma, reminding us of our Lord.

Dear Brothers and Sisters chant;

Zikir, Mümin kalplerin neşesi, peace is the source of anguished hearts.

Zikir, The unity of God, to express the infinite power and glory, Contemplation of His blessings and to the tezekk.

Zikir, Everything will take us away from our Lord is to uproot our hearts.

Praise is to glorify God and with sincere worship.

Zikir, dil, kalp ve bedenle olur. dhikr with the tongue, Allah’ı anmak, He begged to invoke, It is to tell the truth and rights. Kalp ile zikir, Allah’ın varlığı ile ilgili her türlü şüpheden uzaklaşıp O’nun muhabbetiyle hemhal olmaktır. dhikr with body ise tüm benliğimizle Allah’ın rızasını aramaktır, It is to mobilize our presence and our possibilities by His Way, He is to lead a life in accordance with the orders. Morning and evening chanting will be for Allah is just not enough to repeat the sentence with the dhikr of Allah and keep in mind language.

Hz. Peygamber’in, ‘‘Allah’a itaat eden Allah’ı zikretmiş olur. ( Beyhaki, iman 1,452) ” Starting from the fact that according to the Quran and the Sunnah of life sürmedik, fulfill their religious obligations, yasaklarından kaçınarak Rabbin ismini gönle nakşetmedikçe dhikr is not perfected.

Yup, My beautiful sister. Zikir, Zikir, Zikir. Allah’ı zikretmek çok önemli.

The main purpose of writing this article my brothers and sisters all, Tuesday Morning, Çarşamba, Thursday, We invite you to our lodge Saturdays.

We strive to create an environment much more fondly of our new program.

Tonight was chatting was filled with light hearts
God's servant he became fascinated by the angels
Fikreyle Zikreyle created zikreyle
Who sukreyle Sukreyle hamdeyle
Gonul course feast that they would angels
he would whammy wound to the servants of God
Fikreyle Zikreyle created zikreyle
Who sukreyle Sukreyle hamdeyle
Such nights are now syllables in the language of God
Zikredel night get God to revive
Fikreyle Zikreyle created zikreyle
Who sukreyle Sukreyle hamdeyle
Cos you're hearts rejoice with the name of wound
Our hearts are washed with taste zikrullah
Fikreyle Zikreyle created zikreyle
Who sukreyle Sukreyle hamdeyle

May Allah be with you Peace and Prayers. Ma'am

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