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DERGAH-I envernizar bridge of Hearts Seyahatnamesi (2) A PIECE OF HUMANITY IN THE FIRST PLACE OF RESIDENCE ŞANLIURFA from Mesopotamia

23 EKİM 2019


The second stop on our trip, The first human settlement in Mesopotamia, which is a part of our province Sanliurfa night hours 22.00 We came in as.

Our journey went fine. We made our daily zikrullah'ı. We read word-i Tawheed. Discussions have made. Haji Our father found us in the sermons. We found the lady offered to our brothers and sisters.

We settled in our hotel.

Khalil-ur first day- We made the Rahman mosque. Prayer after the side Avni Dede Osman joined Hz father went to morning classes Degah located next to the grave.

Very fondly was a lesson. After all understand it also said many of the Almighty God and our Prophet Muhammad pbuh Reading ESM are praising our Lord. We have participated in.

after the course;

Welcome to have a young brother said, we came to our side. He wanted to kiss the hands of our Haci Baba. There was a fine gentleman and respectful personality.

We want to get to breakfast. We also get another time that our brothers and sisters in other hotels but insistent young, A lot indeed. After all we went we said let's go to Haci Baba.

Our prayers later this sister Unity Foundation Member, Having breakfast collected in the foundation, They chat.

We made our breakfast. We met. Haci Baba had our very reverence. Haci Baba also found them in our prayers. We're leaving our hotel there.

Murat Bey, we were greeted by our guide Hyacinth. We talked to our program.

Murat Bey, a historian personalities who do not get the job she guided only trilingual.

Our first stop was the Harran Plain. The way we read our morning lesson.

Harran plain is a vast place. Each side is steeped in history.

You play it with the shovel, you experience a strong history of shale. Excavations began here before Onbeşyıl and kazıdık think he found something new.

Hz. Omar Khalid bin Walid Hz time comes up here, and this ensures the participation of the resort's land and the resort's switch to the Prophet of Islam. Omar will deliver our Master.

Harran is the first settlement in the world. This land is the Umayyads, Once capital of the Abbasid. In later years, the Abbasids moved the capital of Arab lands.

An emerging new excavations in the castle and the path to worship laid wooden flooring drew our attention. What is the purpose, what was put here on this board. in certain cases they are from private.

We ask Murat Bey.

This wood board if they were laid to Hejaz Railway. He said that the appointed board between the train tracks. Time after destroying the railway edilince Divine Space Abdulhamid Han Hz, gives the instructions to be brought to their recovering Urfa.

This board has given a decision on the foundations laid here in the Now.

As told by Murat brain associated with places of worship that emerged after the excavation.

When Khalid bin Walid take place, He lives depend on a variety of faith the people of this region and all of these then go on with the temple and asks for name dispute occurred.

Bin Velid halide Hz temple who also decide to allocate veremeyince status Hz. Omar's transfer to our Lord. He temple bisection and separate each group, Gives instructions to make separate provision allows them to worship.

So it was expanded into a business solution with a more pleasant vision of Islam.

Vault houses still standing where they are securely as the first day. preserved authentic cases.

As word says Yost; "You do cruel ruler of God."

This ruined town of Genghis Khan and Hülagih dr. They looted the opportunity go by here in Hand.

Our Harran Hz conversion. We visited the Prophet Eyüp Authority and çilehane.

Yassin was read at Çilehane. Dualar yapıldı.

He has found that water inside healing. I hope we will find healing.

Osman Avni Dede collectively we visited their father Hz.

We visited Lake fish. We made our evening prayers and our evening prayers in the mosque Khalil-ur-Rahman. Peygamber Efendimiz Hz. Our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa SAVA. Relics of Muhammad Mubarak each time we visited the.

Again, we taste the delicious dishes of Sanliurfa. Ladies were found in the area of ​​food shopping.

We retire to our hotel.


We made our morning prayer congregation prayers in all mosques bus Khalil-ur-Rahman.

Again, we join the course. This time the lady attended classes upstairs.

Something caught my attention in the course. Founded HALAG the middle of the raging essence of such a massive lad everyone's hands.

Once this is done, looked around as if looking for someone. Dargah was very crowded. Because it was a Friday morning. Where no place if it is very.

he looked, he looked. Finally we arrived at our Haci Baba sat next. Eye came out. Then he turned his eyes to me and stared Haci Baba. But do not tell your gaze.

One thing I have found the registration of the later meat or weather is here so.
We stood over the course Feet. We are doing our Musaff to Haci Baba, This young pilgrims took our father perhaps a second hand 4 veya 5 he kissed times.

Then he asked us where you come from sitting down, we spoke to there. He wanted us to eat treats. Of course we were there, we said goodbye passengers i.

why you think someone else rather than later Haci Baba. I do not even have to ask to whom this secret.

We arrived at our hotel. After breakfast we set off. Bismillah passenger prayers and we read our lesson.

We decided to make Friday nazmi Siverek. We're going to the mosque of the vehicle. We take a look at the name of the mosque MOSQUE SHEIKH ABDULKADİR but until that happens GEYLANI. This work gave us a separate conversation.

Siverek also looking for me ever since we set off, we have a lady ihvan.

What happens when you stop by Jamal my uncle let me also say that guests. Our daughter Arzu lady 2017 he makes us Umrah course there is also the bankers took him Siverek.

I called the post prayer.

Tabii o, could not believe. Haci Baba came immediately met with our brothers and our lady. runner has prepared us get it right. Allah Yar and get Deputy. Here, too, I realized that.

He can not wish for anything. One thing you gotta WANT.

And we hit the road again. We made our zikrullah, We read our afternoon Vird. Discussions in Trabzon Pleasant Bahçecik Mosque located next to the interior of the castle came into our dervish convent. There we would like to thank our brothers and sisters came to meet.

It was like a return to Umrah.

I think very fondly was a very nice trip. We looked at the stone contemplation and conversation, we get.

My Lord, grant her soul again. If we slip up the language has to be forgiven.

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