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DERGAH-I envernizar bridge of Hearts Seyahatnamesi (1) Mardin to REFLECTIONS LOOK STONE 22 EKİM 2019

Very Precious Precious, Honor the Honorable brothers have received the faith.

22 Ekim 2019 Google notes I have taken on trips that we have done our Haci Baba I want to share with you.

Dear "John" s greet all of you with Allah's greetings.

Assalamu Alaikum my verahmetullah and Berekatüh.

God's Mercy, Abundance, Mağfireti hepimizin üzerine olsun.

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Our Almighty Lord has bestowed Murshid have found a new opportunity to travel again with our father Haji Anwar.

I would like to mention that we are very happy because we participate in this trip.

Travel is made by focusing on our two beautiful cities of our beautiful country. The first of these Mardin, Sanliurfa secondly knowledge UzdUr.

After preparing the necessary infrastructures 22. Ekim 2019 Prayers were greeted in the morning makes our lodge. In the morning we read niches. Later, pilgrims, including our father 44 We boarded our ihvan tool.

Ivan document may the joy, happiness was worth seeing. We gleeful like a soldier barrows area will have if their loved ones.

We are certain he was in their faces, they carry the same feeling came to farewell.

We have an exciting idyll is as though they are a way to bid farewell to a few weeks.

However, we were going on a four-day trip.

Everyone took place on the bus. Checks were made. Verse seven-hand the podium with prayers Journey, felek, Nas Surah, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Fatiha, Elif lam mim time have arrowed.

Prayers were made. Immediately after;

Of course, as always, we look at our first lesson in affection.

Then divine, Tekbir, Selati greetings,We continue with the Tawheed.

As we go through Erzincan would not pass without a visit to tailor their father Hz. We visited the tailor father Hz. We make our prayer. We moved towards the Elazig.

Nihayet; When we reached our Elazig province after. Our brother Yusuf abu neighbor Elazığlı Here we Yasar from Ankara, Partner, Daughter and niece were greeted Hamdi.

They requested the Haci Baba took the road we stopped our car and we went to visit the grave of their father Haci Omer Hüdayi Hz.

As you know, we have two important in Elazig Our Father our range.

Haci Omer Hüdayi Father Hz Hz and father of Haji Mohammad

Haji Mohammad Haji Mürşide DUdUr Our Father Hz our Murshid Anwar Haji Mustafa Hayri father father Murshudu Hz.

We made our visit here. After making our prayers. Outside Haci Omer Hüdayi father's behalf commissioned Guest Lecturer Our aunt brought us to the guesthouse. We make our prayer. We set up a table with food we have brought. We're moving towards Mardin after eating our meals. Haci Omer Hüdayi very nice guest house opened in the name of the Father, It made multi-purpose. Serving the remaining road leading Incoming.

Mardin as ten o'clock we reached the guest house Teacher. Here, too, we are our brothers and sisters who will guide the Asko Mardin Branch President Mehmet Sahin's Cırık we were welcomed by Mr..

In the morning after having our breakfast at the hotel, Mehmet began to visit our guidance Mardin province in the brain, we.

Mardin province Mehmet brain by the expression "where religion and language spoken by the invention of stone" history of our province is very different from a conventional history.

brother lived here over the years as people belonging to separate religion and still they continue this tradition.

Well, how did this again I would like to make it clear to us, Mehmet brain telling an incident in which they live.

Mehmet brain itself would go to stay next to the grandmother while the child.

Again they went to a weekend stay with my grandma at the weekend.

They saw their grandmother cooking in a tizzy

It grandmothers cooking a meal with meat.

The door is closed, although the weather is very hot meat smell engulfed the house windows closed pots. In this case the grandmother wondered who asked Mehmet Bey.

Why did you close the windows tightly closed pot grandma smell enveloped on all sides he asked, grandmother;


My neighbor is their Syrians today is a day of fasting. In fact, these days I can not say I told you cook savory meat dishes If I do come first.

They would not bother to take the smell of t he I have also shut the windows.

Likewise, they do not eat next to a Muslim neighbors and do not smoke during the day in Ramadan. One day they're my evening meals they have done to bring Muslim neighbors without necessarily Iftar.

Such protecting each other, They managed to stay together to watch.

Again in Mardin, The roof of each house is used as an upper terrace by neighbors.

So you're actually went to the terrace of your house maybe six of your neighbor's living room terrace you sip your tea.

their ie, Syriac, Yahudi, vs. The bodies of persons belonging to religious, though Muslims say amen to the prayers join him. Muslim funeral, though they also participated in the funeral prayer of Muslims say they amen. And so peaceful environment occurs. This has continued up to this time by such.

Our first stop was Dara district of Mardin. Dara time in the capital of Mesopotamia, a place.

5th century, mass graves and numerous historical works belonging to the kingdom of Babylon and Persia weirs has not issued a new challenge. Excavations 15 years ago it has now opened to visitors in case begins.

Here mass graves of the dead bones appear to be still under protection.

Is the master of the slaves died by faith itself would have committed suicide from grief. Again, as well as valuables inside the tombs are buried in the same place at the things that are important to her. (horsy)

When someone died it was like to retain his cries and tears in a bottle.

They made it from the following. At that time there was also the only faith in God. After died believe resurrection. They made it work when I resurrected so far to say I shed tears for you.

Especially length 28 meters long sometimes used as a dungeon, Sometimes there is a place full of architectural works worth used as a granary. Even wonder how that was built. (a land filled every three meters) information about them available on the internet.

We're going back in Mardin.

Our first stop was The Prophet SAW 's postman Sheikh Abdullah Bin Anas El Cüheyn Popularly known by the name of the mosque where the tomb of Sheikh Hz Hurry Hurry We went to the mosque. We made our prayers. We made our visit were donated in abundance tespihat. Sheikh has a lot to say about the quick Hz.

Sheikh are quick Hz;

Hz. During the caliphate of Umar Islam came to Mardin to notice a person. As you know, our Prophet Hz. Mustafa Muhammad SAW. Farewell Hajj in 120 He was present for a thousand Companions. This Sahaba, It is distributed to different parts of the world to describe Islam. Quickly nicknamed mail title of Sheikh Abdullah bin Anas el Cüheyn of our Prophet lying here, their is only one. God bless him.

Our next stop.

Mardin Ulu Mosque was. Here, too, we visited the SAV of the blessed Prophet Beard-i-Sharif. Beard sheriff here when the ruler of the Ilgazi a gift Kudbeddi. Ulu mosque was an awesome work. A separate expression of each figure a separate message. It was like a book written in the wall. You also know, from the beginning, or "city of stone which he spoke of Religion and Language of inventions," he found the work that we're literally. Each figure Companions of our Prophet SAW veyahut. We our Lord to bestow the, Heaven or Hell Union, togetherness, Narrative is the pleasure of living together.

If the requested information about the Ulu Mosque to see their details from the internet. Ulu Mosque, the architect of going after a Muslim Armenians built the great mosque.

Here it was also a very nice presentation. We visited Sharif Beard. We made our prayer. And then;

The Messenger of Allah, our Edfendi Sava. blessed in that footprints of Babe-i where medresse (Sita was a radvan) We set off towards the Madrasa. With its narrow streets steeped in history but well-maintained and gives people a conversation. It smells of spices, It is not overlooked people's diversity. Even in my eye caught a break with a young female Japanese tourists hands two large suitcases that roam the narrow streets. Mardin each term has attracted the attention of people from all walks this mosaic structure. This is one of them, I said to myself, who knows well have wondered what has come.

finally; Hatun why we went to madrassas. Also available in the madrasa tomb. There are also two lay someone Tomb. Kudbetting Provincial de Reverend Mothers other veterans are buried our mother was Sita radvan.

Radvan mother Sita was a prophet have a full human lover. hayri hasenatı that every life has done to make our Prophet. He told her it lived a man.

Kudbet son was in the last days of life are testament as to Ilgazi.

I would bury my son he bequeathed his feet to the bottom of me when I die I love our Prophet.

Under this heavy legacy of the oppressed Kudbetting Ilgazi not say anything to his mother. Helpless in a way that leaves time job.

Time then is to held crusades in Jerusalem.

Selahattin Kudbetting Ilgazi also joined the battle to beat back the enemy near the Ayyubid dynasty and success by achieving much success.

Now aka singing-I pass all the world as a mighty ruler. Due to this success, Selahattin Ayyubid Hz himself to send Prophet SAW in the footsteps of Beard Sharif and blessed as a gift. He Beard Sheriff Ulu mosque, footprint of the Prophet brings his mother to make was that Babe-i mosques and places to head to the tip of her mother's footsteps. Thus regained his mother's legacy.

We look Yasin and tasbihat beginning of our mother in this grave.

Mubarak came to visit the allowed queue feet. Of course it's footprint in a sealed sarcophagus from the outside has a lock. Now that would greet looked out the window, We arrived just then a young inside and into the hands of our guide gave a key to Mehmet is saying something.

Mehmet Bey said.

I bring here a long time since groups. It never opened this chest. But now what wisdom imams sent us sarcophagus key. He must be said Haji This miracle of our fathers.

We made our visit to the opened sarcophagus. Spiritual weather was very a visit with plenty of affection. Selati with greetings, We made our visit with takbir. I remember this moment not possible.

We sniffed the Prophet kissed footprint that's not enough here to write the words.

We lived moments of his spiritual summit. Tears was flooding.

Tears was flooding. Then after you make the evening prayers at a mosque in central Mardin, we tasted the food in a specific restorer Marder. And we've moved to Sanliurfa.

§Anliurfa travelogue 2 You can also follow the.

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