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Haji Mustafa Akcay Sacit

1953 Trabzon was born in the village of Yesilova.

until the age of military service, those days, construction and worked as assistant driver in a leading company in the earthmoving industry.

After military service,

Soil Products Office in (TMO) He began to work as a driver. BUSINESS ambitious efforts anywhere in the head were deposited as a result of chauffeur duty.

Trabzon in the neighborhood Erdoğdu beloved and respected as a man was able to enter the hearts.

Mustafa Akcay's Sacit acquainted with all Sufism has been the result of a survey is not a coincidence. Father of Mercy's uncle Mustafa Hussein was Hayri course in Father Hz.

At that time, 1976-77-78 s in the year "Faroz" convent goes on they would come there to chat.

Mustafa abu began releasing Sufi review here wondering. you research attracted the attention of. And in the end he decided to enter the Sufi.

But Hayri father had not yet Hz demise of the new afterlife.

Mustafa abu that time who have a say in Trabzon Sufi sect Haydar Bey, contact history and the course 's received. Now he was also a human Sufis.

After entering the change in his Sufi family and those around began to notice.

EU leaders are now in the neighborhood known as the pilgrims in the neighborhood, work began to give him more value, Even at her age they become big ones consults her mind.

1970-80l course of the years that have limited the freedom of Islam in areas known to Turkey.

not easy to compete in this year. Anyone putting his hand under the stone is trying to do something.

During this period, the front foot to the new formation Haydar Bey, Mustafa Abu resign from the Civil Service, Want to work for the company they have set up.

Mustafa abu without hesitation, expenses gives his resignation. "This is not the way to get a tenure thousand lives sacrificed in der"

Go in peace to do too lofty a mission starts working in Trade.

That year I had come from a new soldier in your slave. I made a couple of places to apply for a job. As a result, As head of the trade negotiations went on, I began working as an affirmative answer and Accounting Accounting element.

Mustafa abu track of the mileage I was doing and invoices. Our first encounter with it was in the convent Faroz.

Discussions progressed Zikri's a nice full sound amidst a divine, I said I need to know the owner of that voice.

After I went to zikrullah. We met. Discussions over. We have received much affection from each other that this time he went to a tea bushes've been going there for hours chatting. We have tried our workplace is a workplace for further, Something that appears in the background and live a worthy life center was built on the love of Islam. They were trying the case in the majority of the employees in the service concept. But human beings are there every moment of trial. When we observe that a move away from this approach;

Haji Mustafa abu seeing that the workplace shifted to another hamlet understanding of the people of Sufism do not tolerate the injustice irşat. Chief resigns from the Trade.

shall apply to return back to work. See Application accept and start working again TMO.

Meanwhile I'm separated from my input as Chief Commercial Officer PTT institutions. There was a gap between us. now, We were discussing Search. 1989-1990 In the nineties again one evening in Ortahisar,

Haji Anwar front of the shop, we met our father.

I went over and chatted with joy. He said to me;

  • Let me introduce to you this evening, I came Gamal good people.
  • Bente
  • Whether brother said. And he went to his uncle's house in the evening, Ali Neziroğlu. As well as human, Haji Anwar was our father. We met with Haji Baba and has been instrumental to her commitment.
  • After Niyazi father immigrated to the Hereafter, The first of those who refresh the lessons from Haci Baba.
  • Anwar Haji Baba was known for loyalty.
  • It has been instrumental in many people's entry into mysticism. Each evening brings a new chat Dargah our brother would be the occasion to take courses. TMO has tried to take if that were like no lessons.
  • very modest, alçak gönüllü, against the superior who always had a personality self.
  • depending on Sufism, who knows the science of Sufism, It was one of the few people who could have told him that can interpret and. Even in summer they could tell some of his books. were the words spoken by Experience.
  • During zikrullah "dhikr" he Data ihvanlar a conversation with i.
  • lArIndAndI our review Haci Baba.
  • Somewhere, A congregation said we should go now turning to Sufism brings, He would have liked to take classes there.
  • Brother Haji respect to our brethren who they'd show a distinct lack of respect and love.
  • He was jubilant hymns with the congregation.
  • It was a very nice Our friendship. I can easily say this on behalf of all the congregation.
  • A short life had many things fit.
  • After migration Behold, they say this world "has to be remembered with a nice sea in" decent work in the evening we were promised full Mustafa.
  • You know how they say! Unutterable experienced. I lived a life income was still less dear brother, my dear brother.
  • Welcoming the departure of (2015) We commemorate the fourth year in Darwish Mustafa Akcay the mercy Sacit. for the soul "Al-Fatiha"
  • And dear friends, I will say that the; "Our VALUES" Let's assets. Securities of life while bilelim.
  • May God be with you.
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We have become the world goes, Hail to rest,
blessing for us, Peace be upon those who make.

Death twist to our waist, He said to our language,
While the state of our patient, Peace be upon those who ask.

Tenim be revealed, collarless shirt cut to
Not an easy task for us vechile, Peace be upon those who yun.

We mean by a photo Sala, We had our friend expense
Prayer for our higher, Hail to the standing.

Dervis said Yunus said, age is full of both eyes,
Who do not know what you know us, Peace be upon those who know.





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