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My very dear brothers.

I greet all of you with Allah hasten.

Assalamu aleikum and Rahmetullahi and Berekatüh.

Abundance of God's mercy be upon all believers.

To share with you a current issue, I actually want to dertleşmek.

It all crowded recently as a group gathered in Taksim Square Watch, Everyone says something about the attitude they have taken against the Adhan Adhan reading.

But unfortunately maatteessüf and institutions to deal with it as we all know is the Religious Affairs Presidency. This was not a statement from the Authority. This is a sad event.

In one wonder what would be Europe's largest cities were to have been such an event, people can not help but ask yourself. So the "bell" ringing like him to hiss ...


Again Athan reading the many comments made in Adhan reading what we do or what we do reveals what we are so ignorant regarding the necessity.

Hani each "Evil" also has a charitable or, I'm looking now at work right here.

Who knows, maybe next Friday, this issue would be raised "Azan" They inform us about a bit.

B times "CALL TO PRAYER" Almighty God of our people is an invitation to prayer, the largest Worship.

Read what it says on the Athan

Allahu Akbar reading it four times =. So God is Great. Ulu. The Supreme is the.

Ashhado LAILAH to read it twice İLLELLAH =. IN WITNESS WHEREOF that I would; No god. But God has.

Ashhado PROPHET MUHAMMAD are reading it twice =. Which would still Şahadet Hz. Muhammet (SAV) Servant of Allah and the Prophet both.

Hayy ALE'S – SELAH = This is read twice. Come to prayer, O my servants.

HAYYE ALE'L – This is read twice Felahiye =. Come O My servants Salvation. Prayers by making contact with Feldh.

Allahu Akbar = This is read twice. Great is God. Great is God.

Once read LAILAH to İLLELLAH =. There is no other God but Allah.

Still another issue to be missed REVIEW, What SHOULD BE DONE prayer reading.

Athan reading if possible, should leave the job at hand and listen in awe.

Reader; Allahuekber in dedg; Us of our own Allahuekber brewing.

Ashhado when the most Lalilah to ilellah; We in Ashhado Lalilah to ilellah We must also.

When the Ashhado Enna Muhammederresulullah; in us Ashhado Enna Muhammederresulullah We must also.

“Hayya ale's-righteousness "Say When; Bizler “Ld ld force or else billâhil towel and aliyyil azim " We must also.

“Hayy ale'l-fellah” when de; Bizler “Ld ld force or else billâhil towel and aliyyil azim " We must also.

When the Allahuekber-Allahuekber; We in Allahu Akbar - Allahuekber We must also

When the lailah to İlellah; in us lailahe illellah, We must also read the prayer after prayer Muhammedurresululah.


Azan prayer

Okunuşu: Allahumme Rebbe hazihi'd-da'veti't-Tamme. Vesselatil Muhammedenil vesilet kâimet ati vel-refîat to the virtues ved-derecet. Kamen vebashu Mahmudenillezi veadteh. A İnneke tühlifü'l-mîâd.

Meaning: Allah’ım! The invitation to prayer to be made, O Lord, and this is exactly, Muhammed'e (Sallallahu alayhi Sellem) vesileyi, and provide a high degree of virtue, He promised to himself you reach the Authority Mahmud-i.

Dear brothers and sisters Athan faith-i point is of utmost importance.

Not to silence the Adhan, suppress. To extend her tongue in a different way or to criticize the faith of people would not even God Bless.

Beautiful brothers; Everything that has been created by our Almighty Lord. humanitarian need, both animal and both nebatat Our Lord also mentions. Everybody does his duty. O, In time we'll do our own duty.

Edep, Adapta the most decent. Although never mentioned anything spamming people's worth anyone's hands..

Respect and love does not hurt.

May God be with you. Kalın sağlıcakla.

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