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Let's protect our YOUTH AND YOUNG.

Let's protect our YOUTH AND YOUNG.

Enver, Education, Culture and Solidarity Association President Gamal Star's press release regarding the Board of drug use.

We need to get our own youth and young.

Every semester, ilgili kurum ve kuruluşlar tarafından gerekli tedbirlerin alındığı halde uyuşturucu kullanımında bir önceki yıllara nazaran, users need, both sellers, increase is observed both in terms of generator.

This also shows that.

We need to always struggle with drugs. We need to take it as particularly friendly measures.

Later on educational institutions, especially the Ministry of Education should receive public support if necessary should accelerate its work on this issue.

Our security forces must enhance supervision. Our neighborhood has especially made a name for that matter. This work should be done about. Every neighborhood should support the camera systems must be financially ward.

TOKI work should be speeded up their. This should save our city without unplanned construction.

"Clean environment, Clean Community ". they must tear down dilapidated structures should be moved by malicious people to shelter Policy.

We must replicate the municipal children's playground, afforestation and should pay attention to green.

Especially, children's play areas and security should be employed instructors. Our children should be taught how to play the game they forbid themselves from who.

Toplu yaşam alanlarında yani sitelerde ilgili kurumlar çocuklara yönelik toplantılar düzenlemeli. how to recognize drug and malicious people. Our children can be trained in this subject and abuse issues.

Unutmayalım ki; A healthy society, would you raise healthy generations. We invite all families to be sensitive. State Nations hand in hand with the fight against drugs.


Cemal Yıldız

Enver, Education, Culture and Solidarity Association

Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı


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