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PROPHETS MÄ EFENDÄ ° ° ° clearance is ZÄUNE ° N ° Ã-ZELLÄ

Compiled by

Cemal Yıldız

My very dear brothers;

Peygamberimiz Hz. Mustafa Muhammad SAW has a very characteristic of our Lord. In our example we take them as its Ummah and I believe that we need to practice as much as we can with our lives.

There are benefiting from the information I have compiled below the site of Religious Affairs.

I humbly offer to your benefit.

Literary my Lord has taught me much good manners. (H. S)
01- He never says a bad word
02- Anyone could çekiz.
03- It was always dignified
04- girls would work for world.
05- He could reduce new despair.
06- Nobody would call the flaw.
07- Forgiveness was never takes revenge.
08- He was silent about something he does not like.
09- What place would choose to eat in front konuls.
10- He spoke after long silence.
11- He would not accept the praise untrue.
12- Simple wears clothes would like to show off.
13- do not be rude in troubled situations and could shout.
14- He literally besieged people around talking.
15- They better not say a word to anyone about.
16- It would take revenge for their party would never angry.
17- He never says no when asked anything from him.
18- The words were like grains and pearl.
19- He listened as the latest addition to speaking first before speaking.
20- Do not use any bad words that had been used by the public.
21- Always sad and smiling stood in a state.
22- The place with the poor would not be distinguished from them so that.
23- It was not ordinary, but to live like ordinary people.
24- No one was condemned back of the net in the face of what.
25- not only forgave his enemies would give them value.
26- When he spoke he does not talk unnecessarily use the word more clear what you are missing.
27- Iã§ers in a community if there is a Ayee gã¼ OAU at gã¼ CSE if they stunned the Ayer 'he would marvel.
28- konuåÿurk the yã¼zã¼nã¼ Baay Party to çEvir not bulunduäÿ in place somewhere oturmazdä buttermilk ± ±.
29- kã¼ã§ã¼k yaåÿ㧠to a friend omuzlarä ± from holding åÿã¶yl to demiåÿt from him a day;  "dã¼nya be like the lone occupant"
30- The accompanying yã¼rã¼rdã¼ behind yã¼rã¼rk. Ä ° ki Yala ± na sala ± nmaz Ada ± mlarÄ ± na ± geniÅŸ atardÄ ±. öN to doäÿr as yã¼ksek is in a place eäÿilerek dignity and serenity yã¼rã¼rdã¼.
31- sabahlarä ± ± charset Ã§Ä home to say that åÿã¶yl;  "Ä ° Divine being on the road stem and determined ± RÄ ± l from blood from and Kandace ± RÄ ± s from haksä ± aching ± k to and saygä from haksä ± aching ± months uäÿra ± from sÄ ± aching ± k to and saygä ± sÄ ± aching ± k is när you sÄ ± moon ± ± ± RÄ told MA "
32- à ‡ ± öZ and wise was ok konuåÿmazdä Talk
33- It was boåÿ dã¼åÿã¼ncel yã¼z çEvir of the thing.

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