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And virtue of Muharram

Ebubekir Tanrıkulu
Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı

And virtue of Muharram
"Outstanding months Recep, Zilkade, Hijjah and Muharram month are. Imran girls in these distinguished women when it comes to the Prophet. Meryem (r.anha), The first Muslim Rasulullah(s.a.v)'S wife, daughter of the Prophet Hüveylid. Hatice (r.anha), Pharaoh's wife Muzahim daughter of the Prophet. Asie (r.anha) and heavenly women master the Prophet. Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.sv)'Daughter of the Prophet. Fatıma (r.anha)"D."
The first will go to heaven before the four people are every nation's first Muslim. Peygamberimiz Hz. Muhammad Mustafa (s.a.v)The first Muslim Arabs, Selman (r.a.) The first Muslims of Persia, Suhayb (r.a.) Greeks first Muslim and Bilal (r.a.) Abyssinian is also the first Muslim.
Heaven is longing to wait four people, Ali bin Abi Talib (r.a.), Selmanı Pharisees (r.a.), Ammar bin Yasir (r.a.)ve Mikdad bin Esved (r.a.)’dir. (Mukasefetül Kulüb, i.gazal the)
Efendimiz (s.a.v) In another hadith also:“Kim, the forbidden months (Zilkade, Zilhicce, Muharrem,Recep) If three days of fasting written nine hundred years of fasting reward for him. "This hadith is narrated by hz.enes (r.a.) I am the Lord of this hadith (s.a.v)'I also commanded the deaf get my işitmedimsekulak. (It takes Mükasefetil, i.gazal the)
This holy months to Allah's mercy and forgiveness of the storm gusts as oil, The acceptance of repentance, That your sins are forgiven, prayer and accepted the wish, all kinds of worship and obedience for the sake of Allah, and grandfathers of no lamp adorned with the holy night of the release times of the reward days. Seasonal worship in this month we were also called.
Muharram and AŞURE
(And who believed and migrated and struggled in the way of Allah and those who sheltered and Nasroa those are the believers really for them forgiveness and a generous provision )74(
"Hijra and jihad in the path of Allah those who believe and those who are ta,(the refugees) or those who have hosting and support, Here they are true believers. For them there is forgiveness and generous provision. " (Enfal suresi, 74)
günüdür.başk with a first expression of the first day of Muharram Hijra calendar year, Muslims who yalbaşı,Located in the day of Ashura Muharram başlangıcıdır.hz. Ömer (r.a.) the caliphate, Muslims and the Messenger of Allah (s.a.v) The basis of the Prophet emigrated from Mecca to Medina. Ali (r.a.)'S offer has been accepted on the Hijri calendar, It yalbaşı as Muslims is based 1Muharre.
The Ottoman Empire, Our noble nation also 1925 officially until s 600 kullanmıştır.d Hijri calendar years of official and religious holidays and national days after acceptance ayarlamıştır.mila calendar accordingly adjusted accordingly, Hijri New Year was not celebrated, Muslims should act more consciously in the celebration of the Hijrah of the Prophet, planned and systematic way of our core values ​​have been scheduled at the neck of all of us to go out from this value by overtaking even borcudur.vatik NEW, Roman pagans and Christians, custom, involving customs and beliefs of Christmas, Gregorian worthy of Muslims to celebrate Christmas. cutting pine trees, By cooking turkey, pulling heads,By gambling, reed thatch, jazz, barla ecstatically
It is forbidden to celebrate Christmas, vebaldir. Noelbab the name of our children, The help of homosexuals thief, We would love a gift that priests, Prophet of Allah and His Messenger. Muhammad Mustafa, (s.a.v) endear, to love our religion, to love our sacred values, helali, We have to teach forbidden. Christians are infidels never Muslim religious and national holidays kutlamamışlardır.haçl war, Even today, they do not forget oppression and massacre of innocent people and those with Muluk. Leave your own self-worth etmeyiniz.hicret, It is a great event. the beginning of the calendar has been recognized for its.
Müslüman, hicretl the world and has established its own legal state olmuştur.islam, a social context, commercial, ESTABLISHED hicretl the military education system and the maintenance of, emigration, not an escape, earth
God yöneliştir.mekk-i repeated roll history has ended with the conquest of emigration to the religion of Allah prevail.
But, search and create an environment to be experienced Islam, etmektedir.öyl if emigration continues to run within the meaning of the Islamic land from the land of blasphemy, There are also emigrated today. Today emigration is to run on Islam. to leave everything other than Islam and is forbidden by Allah that they are for the uzaklaşmaktır.b, Sevgili Peygamberimiz (s.a.v):
"Genuine refugees, fleeing from something forbidden by God,He is leaving them. " (Buhari, Muslim, Ebu Davut, Tirmidhi,Nese, et-Tac c. 1, sh. 37)
"Corruption in the worship time, Emigration is like me. "Command. (Muslim, Fiten, 130)
First Muslims, for Allah, both for the religion of Allah
You can perform the hijra, because they put their property and their lives, that have become a superpower in terms of the day.
Today's Muslims are, They live entirely Islam,haramlardan uzaklasmadıkları, they teach their children the right to religion, They reject the tyrants against Islam, They become emigrated to understand and manage themselves, All over the world have fallen into miserable and oppressed.
Öyleyse, Muslims are entering the new year, emigrated to re-assess the situation in the light of a re-raise the voice of my mecburdular.isla, To come to the resurrection with Islam, isteyenh Muslims bring Muslims become strong again, an order of emigration, a school,a brotherhood, a liability, sincerity and will understand that an agreement with the state and its
And when the treaty and will do whatever space will promise to obey.
1-indifferent to God's commandments and prohibitions, I will obey unconditionally.
2- I know one example of the Rasul Allah and obey him.
3- evidence, healing, I learned a blessing and a clear light of Holy Koran and I will act with its contents.
4- I stay away from words and behavior among Muslims to overthrow the Islamic brotherhood.
5- Like water for my children to teach Islam, I agree needs, such as air.
6- No earthly interests, financial, property, authority,I spend in front of the Islamic thought and group.
7- Every job I will do my best and honest way, I will not be unfair to anyone.
8- Islam's family to train people, neighborhood,Understanding the importance of community and the publication will throw their hands.
9- Another Muslim mosque, I certainly will not forget the outside of another life.
10- Nebiler nebisi (s.a.s.)’in: "Veren the, the area is good hand. " (Ibn Umar, Muhtarul Ahadith, sh. 160) The science of hadith should, in the art, so I'll try to be strong in wealth.
İşte, every Muslim, Each faith is a duty, -least- Adopting the principles of sincerity and lived when,
understand Islam, When he emigrated to understand that olacaktır.iş, Islam is a humane way of living
invention that olacaktir.Yani year entreat the fusion of all believers in the Islamic line of Almighty Rights, no occasion to wish to have mercy, 10 I congratulate your day of Muharram Ashura.
Allah Almighty in Surah Anfal verse 74,:
"Those who believe and those who migrate for the sake of Allah and jihad,(the refugees) or those who have hosting and support, Here they are true believers. For them there is forgiveness and generous provision. "
"They just those steadfast and put their trust in their Lord."
Of the lunar month of Muharram 10. day is the day of Ashura. Şehrullahil Muharram, divine inspiration and blessings of Allah in this month is celebrated as the month of Muharram,Rabbani and rejoice that bestows a month's time and bollaştığ.
My Muharram, the first month of the Hijri year has a special place among the other months. About the Almighty stated in the Quran as haram months and also pays attention to the people before Islam, this month gave a special value, in those days, do not shed blood, It does not work evil, tutuyorlardı.b fasting during the day in the months of Dhil, Hijjah, Muharrem and was Recep months. Almighty Hak' sworn in tonight to give us the blessing and their kudsiyet.
Muharram 10. day is very important events took place, According to the determination of Islamic scholars on this day:
1-Hz. Adem (a.s.)'S creation, Speak to heaven, The revelation of the face of the place in heaven, Together with our mother Eve, Derivation accept the repentance,
2- Hz. Nuh (a.s.)'S with the believers, salvation from the flood,The ship ran aground on Cudia,
3- Hz. İbrahim (a.s.)'S birth, liberation from the fire Nimrod, İsmail (a.s.)'S birth,
4- Yunus (a.s.)'S liberation from the fish's belly,
5- Eyyup (a.s.)'S finding the cure to get rid of the disease,
6- Musa (a.s.)'S liberation of his people and the oppression of Pharaoh, To give way to the Red Sea,
7- Jacob (a.s.)'S Joseph (a.s.)'S opening the eyes of the blind longing,
8- Hz. Yusuf (a.s.)'S liberation from the dungeon and well,
9- İdris (a.s.)'S rise to the skies,
10- Hz. İsa (a.s.)'S arrival in the world and the sky output.
Ayrıca, Cebrail (a.s.), Mikail (a.s.), İsrafil (a.s.)'s,The Res field, Kursinin, pen, Semavatın, The creation of the heaven and the Lord günüdür.peygamb place on Ashura (s.a.v): "After Ramadan
If you're gonna fasted, held in the month of Muharram, çünkü o,Is the month of Allah. " (Tirmidhi, and-Tac, c. 2, sh. 86)
Peygamber Efendimiz (s.a.v) also found that fasting of Medina hicretlerindeyahudi. When asked the reason,Musa (a.s.)'S liberation from the tyranny of the Pharaoh indicate that they hold so thank God for. Efendimiz(s.a.v)'Genuine conviction also said that we are better than you and you are going to oppose Jews fasted, "Muharram 9.10. 11. Keep fasting days "decreed.
Again, our Lord (s.a.s.): "Whoever found in catering to families and households in the day of Ashura, Almighty gives blessings throughout the year in Hak' and width to his livelihood. "(and Tergib-vet-Terhib, 2/116, İbn Abbas (r.a.)’dan)
“Ramazan ayından sonra en faziletli oruç, Fasting in the month of Muharram is held. " (İbn Mace, nine, 43)
"Allah kept fasting on Ashura, Before that day, I hope to be strongly atonement for the sins of a year. " (Tirmidhi, Savm, 47)
Hadrat Imam Ghazali said, "is the beginning of the month of Muharram Hijri year. Böyle bir yılı oruç gibi hayırlı bir temele dayamak daha güzel olur. Continuation of fertility is also hoped more. "says.
Also on this day, relieve, and no recommendation has been available in hasenatı.
Muharram is also the history of Islam 10. Karbala on the day that occurs beloved Prophet (s.a.s.) My grandson is the Prophet of heaven basil. Hüseyin (r.a.)'S and family members of the martyrs has been a sad gündür.hz. Hüseyin (r.a.), Umayyad caliph Yazid, FATAL Valisa
Ibn Ziyad for the political interests, durmayış also in the words of the shellac, Despite the separation from Medina to warn the elders of the Companions, the fate of the manifested and Sinan bin Anas was brutally murdered by a killer named, The tip of the spear beheading was on display for everyone, Damascus, the youngest son of the soil gömülmüştür.sade arson Zeynel Abidin (r.a.)
kurtulmuştur.o day have not stopped to this day sedition empty, to divide the Muslim enemies of Islam, shred, the state,each has made various excuses to lower domestic efforts to seize assets. take a lesson from the history of the game to continue etmektedir.o, our friend must know our enemy better, We must be vigilant and strong. in obedience to Allah and His Messenger that, Quran and Sunnah, Ahl al-Bayt dependent on the charity of the month yarışmalıyız.ayrı, off this day, e continue for centuries from food Ashura, Hz. Nuh (a.s.)'S board,a kind of food made with fresh yemeğidir.cennet remaining in our homeland helpings of pudding they come in and continue.
to recall the memory of Karbala incident which is perceived as a day of mourning on the grounds 10 He exhibited activity in Muharram,Some Shiite Muslims caferi-applications that can be called self-torture exhibit. However, such practices are contrary to Islam. Age place this device has a field of measurement. This measure of ignorance during pre Prophet belirlemiştir.isla, excessively mourned for the dead one, Screams out as loudly relatives of the dead, wife locks herself home, never washed.
The Messenger of Allah(s.a.v) this tradition has forbidden. "Face shooting, collar tearing, Ignorance is not one of us who continue to pieces. "(Buhari, cenaiz, 36) He has commanded. Hz. Hüseyin(r.a), 10 Muharremde şehid edildi. O yüce imamın şehid edilmesi, elbette bütün müslümanlar için büyük musibet ve üzüntüdür. Hz. Ömer(r.a), Hz. Osman(r.a), Hz. Ali(r.a) ve Hz. Hamza(r.a)'S de Martyred, böyle büyük musibet ve üzüntüdür. Fakat, Prophet(s.a.v) Efendimiz, Hz. Hamza(r.a)'S mourning the anniversary of the day he was martyred [yas] tutmadı. Matem tutmayı da emretmedi.
Matem yasak olmasaydı, Prophet before anyone else (s.a.v)He kept mourning for the death of our Lord. Hadis-i şeriflerde buyuruldu ki:(Matem tutan, ölmeden tevbe etmezse, kıyamette şiddetli azap görür.) [Muslim]
"There are two things that, insanı küfre sürükler. Birincisi, birinin soyuna sövmek, ikincisi, Mourning is dead. " [Muslim]
Lord, our new year,Muharram has the right and on no occasion for all Muslims kılsın.habib of Muhammad Mustafa(s.a.v)ayırmasın. in the way and lets humor prosperous world our generation and our posterity our draw the righteous and the eylesin.birlik,eylesin.a my race winner from the consent of those in the Islamic brotherhood ayırmasın.hayır.
Such holy days, and they make their first prayers of the accident accident in the night prayer also read the Quran, benefiting from religious works and would be appropriate to engage in chanting and Salavatli.
1- Muharram and Ashura are circumcised keep fasting. Hicrî (Islam) The first of month, Muharram ayıdır.y new year to begin fasting, It was recommended on the first day of fasting. most virtuous fasting after Ramadan, It is fasting in the month of Muharram. The fasting month of Muharram in, müstehabt is.
Abu Hurairah (r.a)'That he said it was also transported:!Rasûlullâh -sallâllâhu aleyhi ve sellem- Efendimiz’e farz namazdan sonra hangi namazın ve Ramazan ayı orucundan sonra hangi orucun efdal olduğu soruldu da:”Farz namazdan sonra en faziletli namaz, gece yarısı kılınan namazdır. Ramazan ayından sonra en faziletli oruç, Allâh’ın ay’ı olan Muharrem orucudur.” decreed. (Sahîh-i Müslim! Tercemesi ve Şerhi 6 / 235)
Hz. Ali (r.a.) demiştir ki:”Adamın biri gelip, Peygamber -sallâllâhu aleyhi ve selem- Efendimize sordu:Ramazan’dan sonra hangi ayda oruç tutmamı emredersin?
Efendimiz(s.a.v)de:”-Ramazan’dan sonra oruç tutacaksan, Muharrem ayında tut Çünkü o, Allâh’ın ayı’dır. O ayda bir gün vardır ki, o günde Allâh geçmiş kavimlerden birinin tevbesini kabul etmiştir.Yine o nünde gelecek diğer kavimlerin de günahlarını afv eder.” ordered. (Tâc Tercemesi 2/146)
three days in the sacred months, yâni Perşembe, Cuma, fasting on Saturdays anyone Allah the Exalted Highness every day could be able to reward the author of seven hundred years of worship. "was called, (ihya Tercemesi, 1 / 670)
"The holding of fasting the day of Ashura, a yearly sins are forgiven. " [Muslim, Tirmizi, İ. Ahmed, Taberanî]
keep fasting the day of Ashura alone would be detestable. Because the Jews would have benzene. 9. with 10. veya 10. with 11. If the day would be detestable.
"Take advantage of the virtues of Ashur! Bu mübarek günde oruç tutan, melekler, peygamberler, martyrs and the righteous will attain the reward of worship up. " [Şir’a]
"One day before the day of Ashura, After holding a day, Learn opposition to Jews!” [İ. Ahmed] [Ashura alone is detestable to keep fasting. Bir gün öncesi veya bir gün sonrası ile tutmalı!]
Peygamber efendimiz bir gün öğleye doğru buyurdu ki:"Spread the word! Bugün bir şey yiyen, akşama kadar yemesin, oruçlu gibi dursun! Bir şey yemeyen de oruç tutsun! Because today is the day of Ashura. " [Buhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood]
Fasting is very valuable today. Peygamber efendimiz, bugün bir hurmayı mübarek ağzında ıslatıp çocukların ağzına verirdi. Çocuklar, something that the Messenger of Allah as a miracle until the evening they eat and do not drink. Bugün bazı hayvanların bile bir şey yemediği bildirilmiştir. Bir avcı, The day of Ashura, bir geyik yakaladı. Geyik, yavrularını emzirip akşamdan sonra dönmek üzere, avcının izin vermesi için, The Messenger of Allah(s.a.v) our Lord, şefaat istedi. Avcı, geyiğin akşama kalmadan hemen gelmesini isteyince, geyik, (Today is the day of Ashura. Bugünün hürmetine yavrularımızı emzirmeyiz. Onun için akşamdan sonra gelmek için izin istedim) dedi. Bunu duyan avcı, The Messenger was a gift deer. O from, geyiği serbest bıraktı.
2- Sıla-i rahim yapmalı. So visit relatives righteous, hediye ile veya çeşitli yardım ile gönüllerini almalı. Hadis-i şerifte:"Sila-i leaving the womb, Aşure günü akrabasını ziyaret ederse, John and gained reward reward of up to Jesus. "Buyuruldu. (Şir’a)
3- Sadaka vermek sünnettir, worship. Hadis-i şerifte:"The day of Ashura, zerre kadar sadaka veren, Mount Uhud up to attain the reward. "Buyuruldu. (Şir’a)
4- Çok selam vermeli. Hadis-i şerifte:"Giving greetings on the Muslim day of Ashura, Regains reward like a salute to all Muslims. "Buyuruldu. (Şir’a)
5- Çoluk çocuğunu sevindirmeli! Hadis-i şerifte:"The day of Ashura, aile efradının nafakasını geniş tutanın, will be broad support throughout the year. "buyuruldu. (Beyhekî)
6- Gusletmeli. Hadis-i şerifte:"Believers from the day of Ashura Gusla, Cleared of sin. "Buyuruldu. (Şir’a) [Bu sevaplar, itikadı düzgün olan, namaz kılan ve haramlardan kaçan mümin içindir. Bunlara riayet etmeyen kimse, Aşure günü, bir değil, defalarca gusletse, günahları affolmaz.]
7- İlim öğrenmeli! Hadis-i şerifte:"The day of Ashura, knowledge learned or God is mentioned somewhere teâlâya, biraz oturan, Enter Paradise. "Buyuruldu. Bu gece ilim olarak, ehl-i sünnete uygun bir kitap, [such as Islamic morality or Great Islamic Catechism,Shabe Hayatus v.s] okumalıdır. Ayrıca Kur’an-ı kerim okumalı, kazası olan kaza namazı kılmalı. (Şir’a)
8- A Rosary Prayer intentions by the first night of the month of Muharram Muharram is made, is the first month of the Hijri year.
PRAYER OF THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR: In Whoever before the Muharram;"O Allah! You are eternal and Ancients. This new bill, I Senden this year, Protection from Satan and friends, ordering much help against this evil soul and I would like to be busy with deeds me closer to you. O Kerem Owner, accept eyle! "Lesson, şeytan: "We hope he cut in from the people," he says, She knows Allah'a Zülcelal, two angels are assigned to protect him during the year. (Ale with Safura, Nüzhetü’l-mecâlis, 1/156)
The first and the tenth day of Muharram to read Duâ
three times in the first day of the tenth day of Ashura, 70 times “Hasbunallah and n is rnelvekîl, Ni'melmevlâ they Ni'mennsîr” prayer is read.
"God is enough for us, He is the best disposer of affairs what. What a beautiful Mevlana and how nice. "After seven times should read the following Duayer:
Her kim, Muharrem ayının birinci ve onuncu (Aşure) günü sabahleyin, aşağıdaki duâyı üç kere okursa, Allah the Almighty 's that one of the ways of, gelecek senenin Muharrem ayına kadar, cemî belâlardan emîn ve muhafaza buyuracağı rivayet olunmaktadır. Ashura Day [Muharremin onuncu günü] 3 If the read time, be sure death; because that year who had died would be appreciated, It has been reported will be destined to read this prayer.
Elhamdü lillâhi rabbil âlemîn. Vessalâtü vesselâmü alâ sey-yidinâ Muhammedin ve alâ âlihî ve sahbihî ecmaîn. Allâhümme entel ebediyyül kadîmül hayyül kerîmül hannânül mennân. Ve hâzihî Senet cedîdetün es'elüke fîhel threw mineşşeytânirracîm. Vel-avne alâ hâzihin nefsil emmârati bis-sûi. Vel-iştiğâle bi-mâ yukarribünî ileyke. Yâ zel-celâli vel-ikrâm. Bi-rahmetike yâ erhamer-râhimîn, And seyyidinâ Muhammad sallallahu ala ala wal Alikhan and sahbihî and Ahl beytihî ECMA. "
Mânâsı: Rahman ve Rahîm olan Allâh’ın adıyla.. Hamd, âlemlerin rabbi olan Allâh’a mahsustur. Salât ü selâm da Pey-aamber Efendimize, ehl-i beytine ve bütün ashabına olsun. Ey Rabbim, sen ebedî, ezelî, hayy, kerîm, hannân, mennânsın. Bu gelen, yeni bir yıldır. Ya Rabbi, kovulmuş şeytanın şerrinden bu yıl muhafaza olmayı istiyorum. Ve içimde, bana kötülüğü emreden nefsimle mücadelemde senden yardım diliyorum. Beni sana yaklaştıracak meşguliyetleri bana nasîb et, ey celâl ve ikram sahibi Rabbim. Rahmetinle, ey Merhametlilerin en merhametlisi… Efendimiz Muhammed-sallâllâhu aleyhi ve sellem-‘e, onun âline, ashabına ve bütün ehl-i beytine salât olsun..
Bu yeni yılın müslümanların uyanışı ve yek vucud olarak Kelime-i tevhid Bayrağı altında toplanmasına vesile olmasını Yüce Mevlâdan niyaz ederiz.
Geçireceğimiz bu yeni yılda Allah’ın rızasına muvafık ameller işleyerek, gelecek yeni yıla kavuşmamızı Rabbimiz nasıp etsin.
YEAR END OF PRAYER: Whoever the end of Dhul Hijjah;
"O Allah! This year, What if I have all the things you do not settle your nehyet me I forgot them, You remember the. You gave me a ticket and I give respite Kadir, You dare not disobey showed that you invited me to repentance. O Allah! I beg your forgiveness for all of them. Pardon me eyle! O Kerem owner! O Jalal and Catering owner! This year, I hear you are willing operating deeds which you promised me a good deed, I wish that you accept them from me and you're cutting my hope! O Kerem Owner, accept eyle! Our Master Muhammad (s.a.v) scholars and the Companions of the Salat-i-greetings eyle! "Lesson, şeytan: “Biz, This year we took the trouble to operate these sins tired, He made you delete all of a sudden, "he face ground hair.
1-the first night of this month, Isha in the evening (wit the last day of Dhul Hijjah, Connecting the first day of Muharram night) for the sake of Allah 2 rak'at prayers are.
Prayer is introduced that faith:
"O Rabbi, He has taught us this year, about us make man blessed; pardon-ilâhîne, enlightened by Divine blessings makes the man, Nail earthly and heavenly bliss for the action; Allah Akbar "
Her iki rek’atte:
7 Fâtiha-i şerîfe,
7 Âyetü’l-Kürsî,
7 Ihlas-i Serif read.
Namazdan sonra 11 times:
"Lâ Lâ ilahe illallâhü vahdehû şerîke leh. Lehül-property and lehül-praise of yuhyî and yümît. And huwa hayya the ld yemût the biyedihil-no. And what of the woman ash huwa ala "
11 İstiğfâ-i Serif,
11 Salevât-i-Sharif
read prayers made. Duâda, CFV of the past year's sins and be sinless asylum to enter the new year.
the first night of Muharram also follows a rosary prayer intentions will be made by:
"O Rabbi, This new bill to me by Divine forgiveness, Riza-i-i-divine divine and Hidayet Mazhar eyle. Newly opened my book Riza-i divine deeds expedient deeds fill me share with eyle. commanded me by Divine wrath of action will be to uphold Duca. Allah Akbar "
Rosary prayer is read as follows:
1'Inch rek'atte:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 1 Âyetü’l-Kürsî,
2Nd in rak'at:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 1 "Amen to-messenger is ..." (The last two verses of Sura-Baqara, Surah Aal-i Imran to be added in the first two verses),
3'In the third rak'at:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 1 "Hüvallâhüllezî ..." (The last three verses of Sura-i hasra),
4'In the third rak'at:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 1 Ihlas-i Serif.
After the prayer is to ask for forgiveness, Salevât-i Serif, and is followed by prayers brought.
Muharram pulling formulas in each of the first day, at once 1000 Ihlas-i Serif read those, Please Allah Almighty with, It will bring peace to this world with the debt slaves from bounty.
Earlier this month;perşembe, cuma, If successive Saturdays kept fasting 900 supererogatory fasting reward is given annually.
2-One month of Muharram, including a time between her, 2 a bowing in rak'at 6 rak'at prayers are.
These prayers are with the option of Isha. Can also be made in late evening after this time can not be made if.
Prayer is intended as:
"I act or intention to pray for Rabbi your consent-i Serif. My neighbor and my brother any religion or any one of the history about me, for the payment of this right; Allah Akbar "
1'Inch rek'atte:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 1 Âyetü’l-Kürsî, 11 Ihlas-i Serif,
2Nd in rak'at:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 10 Ihlas-i Serif,
3'In the third rak'at:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 1 "El-hâkümüt-tekâsür ...", 11 Ihlas-i Serif,
4'In the third rak'at:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 10 Ihlas-i Serif,
5'Inch rek'atte:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 1 "Utilization yâr eyyühel-kâfirûn ...", 11 Ihlas-i Serif,
6Nd in rak'at:1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 10 Ihlas-i Serif read. After the prayer is prayer.

3-the Muharram 9 and 10 nights must make a rosary prayer. Again 9 and 10 nights teheccüd time for divine Riza-i 4 rak'at prayers are. 50 each Ihlas-i Serif read every rak'at.
- Ashura day following prayer 10 time should be done: "Sübhenallah the mil'el-mizân.v to müntehe'l-ILM and mebleğa is-consent and zinete'l-Res"
These days in marshmallow-i should keep Enbiyâ'y. In particular, the 9th day of the, wit 10th night certainly should be done Khatme-i-Anbiya.
as far as possible in the month of Muharram much repentance must.
Indeed, the sacred Hadith-i:”Suppose my servant with my wrath (my punishment) get rid. me with vain (My consent) approach”, buyurulmaktadır.
Böylece; Although it is not compulsory to fulfill the supererogatory acts of worship, This worship is closer servant of God.
4-TWO-TIME PRAYER mid-morning rak'at:
late morning for only the Ashura (this is not possible, in the afternoon with lunch) two rak'at prayers are for the sake of Allah.
Her rek’atte 1 Fâtiha 50 Ihlas-i sheriff read.
Namazdan sonra: 100 Once these salevât-i Serif is read: "Allahumma salle ala Muhammad seyyidinâ and scholar of seyyidinâ ala Muhammad and Aad, and Noah, and Abraham and Moses and Jesus vemâ the baynahum enamel-nebiyyîn wal-Mürsel. Salevâtü'llâhi W selâmühû 'alaihim ECMA. "
70 Once istiğfâ-i Serif, (Estağfirullah-hand azim and eTube of Iley),
70 Once salevât-i-Sharif, (Allahumma salle ala ala seyyidinâ scholar Muhammad and Muhammad is seyyidinâ),
70 times; "La Vela pile or else force billâhi'l-aliyyil-azim" it said.
10 kere de: "Sübhânallâhi mil'el-Mizan. And müntehe'l-ILM and mebleğa-Rida and zinete'l-archy. "Rosary is read.
Sonra, firstly forgiveness of sins, offspring- And the Ummah of Muhammad Hidayet children, forgiveness, two world is praying for happiness and salvation.

"Subhanallahi milel miyzan ve müntehal knowledge vemeblagarrida veziynetel Arsin la melcee vela menca minallahi than ileyhi.Subhanallahi adedeş şef'i velvitri ve adede kelimatillahit tammati külliha.Eselükes selamete birahmetike erhamerrahimiyn.Vela havle vela guvvete than billahil aliyyil aziym.Ve hüve hasbi niğmel vekil niğmel Mevla veniğmennasiyr.Ve Prophet Ala seyyidina Prophet Mohammad hayri halkıhi ve Ala wa ve eshabihi ecmaiyn.Amin. "
"With the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Mizan full of God, finally leads to the degree of knowledge, be Razor way, Throne weight would glorify. no shelter and no way to protect salvation from God, One of refuge from him again. Double and single things that many copies, All God's exact words many copies would glorify Him.
O Most Merciful of the merciful, Mercy with me I want you to salvation. has power over sin and find protection from obedience to the force, but the supreme determination and the help of God tevfik. It is enough for me, He is the best proxy. How nice and how nice Mevlana. Allah, the most auspicious creatures which our Lord Muhammad, scholars and the Companions blessings eylesin! Amen!”
5-HUSEMÂ prayer
in Islam, Among Muslims, let alone when it should be among relatives, Unfortunately, one of a resentful, and the presence of the cross is a bitter reality.
SAY, (adversaries, Located right between them, counterparties, enemies) barışıp good-bye to each other without dying, This prayer is a response to a claim against the Day of Judgment.
The first month of the Hijri year (Muharram-i-Sharif) On the night the first Thursday Friday, between Isha and in late evening or after dinner, reward offended God and to be a gift to a person's soul's sake as for the offended 4 Husemâ a rak'at (The disposal düşmanlılk) Prayer is made.
Husemâ Prayer; just like the Sunnah noon prayers, kek'at in four overridden by giving a salute.
1'Inch rek'atte: 1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 11 Ihlas-i Serif,
2Nd in rak'at: 1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 10 Ihlas-i Serif, 3 “Utilization yâr eyyühel-kâfirûn…”,
3'In the third rak'at: 1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 10 Ihlas-i Serif, 1 “El-hâkümüt-tekâsür…”
4'In the third rak'at: 1 Fâtiha-i şerîfe, 15 Ihlas-i Serif, 1 Ayetü'l-course reading, then be praying.
The first Friday night of Muharram-i-Sharif should not neglect the prayer is recommended to be made,
Ayrıca; year in the blessed candles at night, two festive night, Friday night and often made to the blessed times such as during the day it is strongly recommended.
Allah swt time that this person is dead-u amber musk fills that person's grave and the grave to be everyone's hair is scattered eyelash eyebrow hairs per each side, disintegrate feather hair makes this prayer at the grave. Judgment to come when the moon shines like a hundred fourteen, As sent to the home of the bride's new husband is sent to Heaven.
This makes prayer to be protected from violence grave, Allah swt Armageddon will consent to the adversary INSHA'ALLAH.
Important note: According to our religion comes first night, After seven days. Let our account accordingly. So if we're going to read the prayer on Thursday evening Friday, the next day by the evening call to prayer is read Ends Friday.
Enabling recommended prayers, The supererogatory worship that are recommended to be done, on the name "supererogatory to" assume and servants outside of worship closer to Allah is obligatory, although not the religious obligation to be fulfilled, cautious makâm to reach the spiritual status to the believers who want to nail, they will do supererogatory worship has meant the size of the reward in return.

Tanrıkuluho of Abu Bakr
Kadiriyye-i Halisiyye-i Hayriyyenin
Hadimül Fukarası

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