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Cemal Yıldız


Education and training of the national policy in our country, unfortunately, no more important every year that followed could not have been confronted with some unfavorable conditions.

We hope that a National Education Muslims consider the customs and traditions of our nation depends on the state that is applied to stop, after which the Turkish nation.

As we have noted earlier in our statement, Education communities, not the State is essential and lofty task.

You also should not be interpreted to mean that these communities.
Zaten, Even if you are not communities, they will say. You can not stop it.

The main task is to educate communities human society.

How could, Dervish convents and timely (Ottoman) whether people who were brought harm to society again be trained to make these institutions work for the benefit of the community, the community will now do the same thing.

The most important of the Main, numerically with a huge community of Religious Affairs here falls into big business.

Every day is making thousands of Muslim worship in the mosque five times a day. Whatever the age of the people coming to mosques need to educate eightyfivethousand in Turkey (85.000) I wonder if the mosque is said to be of the mosque, which has a guest house.

Which exceeded a house under the mosque.

Which mosque chaplains, along with clothes to go to school, they chatted with students.

How many students were given scholarships.

They can access the communities messaging systems Is there?

What Mosque, I have, What is the muezzin who called task.

We do not see that we. (But communities have made them.) Surely if Helpers.

Aynı şekilde paralel yapılanmanın evveliyatında “dinler arası diyalog” dendiğinde hiçbir Diyanet görevlisinin böyle bir şey yoktur bu safsatadır “Allah indinde tek din İslam’dır” dediğini duymadık.

but 15 We welcome and respect congratulates the upright posture after July. No doubt ignore the large number of shares. Despite all these, we are optimistic and we follow.

Still missing one of our largest programs conducted in Television. I do not believe that most of these programs even give you something none of the positive people.
Most programs hatred, nefret, undermine each other, friend, How will the stakes in the best way Friendly, isyan, The fate of dislike, etc.. full of programs that affect the psychology of the people.

RTÜK supervision should increase the suffering of the people's mind in another direction in a way that should prevent such programs. Instead educational programs should be supported.

Evlenme programlarının çok acil bir şekilde kaldırılması gerekir. In addition, the program must be checked and that the name of religion.

people who act contrary to Islam, institutions and organizations should be punished broadcasting should be terminated.

Let us not forget that our people our people. If you need to try to do the best you're on a mission.

We have to give the job to qualified.




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