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HUMAN "I" INI loses mature.

HUMAN "I" INI loses mature.

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My very dear brothers;

Today more directly to mention is our first book to be written if the Haci Baba önemlisohbe up short, but I will try to focus on you.

Do not say I thought the chat title.

Mankind "I" of loses mature.

Why what to do with such a title and subject?

Yup, We came to our convent for dinner conversation was Friday evening.

Our father came pilgrims.

we had a look before starting to chat, Everyone was sitting pulled aside.

After observing that.

He said to us.
Kardeşler; What say prayers before beginning the imams in mosques?

O Muslim community who often pure and smooth structure. Is not it?

(Yup, Haji Dad)

Now we will begin our remembrance in. We in our ranks Kaynaşalım one that we need to make our common, karışal out and get out of a beauty.

He continued. Haji Dad;

Look brothers;

for the formation of a plant, Air, Su, The sun and the earth have not you?

If the plant is not one of them are missing. It does not grow flourish.

This quartet from plant to plant mix possible.

But each of these four, Contributes to the formation of losing their property plant.

So the sun is losing its property, su, It also ha of land in the air.

None of the sun I'll stay in the sun or earth, I water, I'll stay as I am not the pile.

Such an obstinate though the plant will not flourish.

To give another example.

Rice and milk to make rice pudding is not it necessary?

After reaching the boiling milk rice and consistency, rice pudding is ready for service.

If rice or rice milk will stay stubbornly as though I persist although I would not say to our'll stay as milk rice pudding.

But as it matures, I think both are compromising their own maturing and coming pudding occur.

Dear brothers and sisters;

We as human beings if we give in so I compromise our own "I" s cuddle Leaving aside, If we mix, We have entered the path to becoming a mature Muslims hope.

If we as brethren "I" can not get stubborn in the way we beat our FAQs.

"I" first step in overcoming our FAQs "HELLO" in a friendly way through our ranks second step of our sıklaştırma.

All these thoughts and I think about how to get our father Haji sampling.

In fact, I asked him. He told me that meditation can be accessed from.

EEEE also do not avail ( The idea of ​​an hour is better than worshiping sixty years )
think of a time (Tefekkur) , Worship is better than sixty years “
(Abu co-Sheikh, the-Azame, 1 / 297 / 42) that.

All my brothers and sisters, I wish you healthy days.

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