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News-Jamal's yıldız_trabzo

Good come from God,tr
Dear brothers and sisters;

Our association
Again this year, the school holidays 22 Haziran 2016 The Setup will start to begin the course on Education. God willing.

Read the Qur'an with the first commandment of God's name “İkra Bismirabbikellezi Halak”

A way out of here, The revival of HEARTS,tr I hope this year we will start our second Training under the project name.

We went on this pilgrimage pray you, our brothers are expecting.

Also in this issue, or different topics can help our association.

May God be with you.
Male for students Application 0532 657 51 38 nolu telefona
For girls 0 536 685 54 76 No. it would be sufficient to reach a telephone.
As in past years, this year will not be charged.
Our students will be given lunch.

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