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News-Jamal star-Trabzon

Very Dear Brothers and Sisters;

I greet you all with respect and with love;

God's Mercy, Abundance, Mağfireti hepimizin üzerine olsun .

There is a beautiful expression of our people often sung,

Thesis it ends numbered days. It was like our father, our pilgrims farewell from the airport yesterday.

He waved to the day we came out to say goodbye to my mind. When I think of her every thought that came to my last moment.

But the longing ends we are getting our Haji Baba.

Bizler seviniyoruz, Haci Baba but it is sorry that he separated from the Holy Land.

Now we have to wait for 2018 will grant my Lord 2018 We still plan to do so collectively Umrah.

I hope that tomorrow 25.05.2016 Wednesday morning 07.30 Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport will also be in the field.

From there, the daytime hours 14.10 The aircraft will move to Trabzon. We in hours 15.15 If we in the outside line at the airport in Trabzon we have met him.

God health, health, eylesin our share in restoring appetite.

May God be with you.



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