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VISIT THE SACRED TERRITORY (SEYAHATNAME) (21.02.2016 Cemal Yıldız-Trabzon)

"All people on earth for the first temple built to worship God, guidance to the world, Mercy is the Kaaba in Mecca and the source of reward. " – Al-i İmran / 96 –

"There (Mekke'de) God (c.c) indicating the presence and power that they have been building by Baitullah Abraham are Abraham's authority as evidence.

Kim oraya girerse güvenliğe ve huzura kavuşur.

Ona bir yol bulabilenlerin (the possibility of) Baitullah pilgrimage and to visit, It was prescribed to them by God. Who will deny the blasphemy if Pilgrimage. AnIdIr g doubt the kingdom of God. "– Al-i İmran / 97 –

"Hajj Umrah as well as fulfilling their obligations fully to make God".- Baccarat 196 –

"Hajj and Umrah passengers are distinguished guests of Allah; accepts their prayers when they pray, He accepts the repentance they repent. "- The inclination of Ibn-i Mace –

"The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi flooding," Is it obligatory Umrah?"He asked. He said:

"No! But, Umrah is virtuous to do so. " [Tirmizi, Hajj 88, (931)]

My very dear brothers;

First of all I greet you with the greeting of God.

Assalamu Alaikum and my Rahmetullahi and Berekatüh.

Yüce Rabbimizin Rahmeti, Abundance, Forgiveness, İhsanı tüm inananların üzerine olsun.

Dear souls;

We have a care in the leadership of our Haci Baba as you may well know. I had planned to write a travelogue about the care immediately after we arrived, but I had to share this day.

Yup, day had come

Heyecanın tam da dorukta olduğu son gün, evening hours we made our way hazırlığımız 22.00 As we take the path flown to Ankara;

There was no possibility of the removal of the aircraft due to weather conditions in Trabzon.

We went directly from company officials. Thanks to them we have set up a bus.

We inform all our brothers. Moloz'dan time 17.30 As we reported would be moving. Air, günümüzü o kadar olumsun etkiliyordu ki umreci kardeşlerimizin bir çoğu köylerinde gelmek durumunda kaldı. 70cm of snow in the downtown village of transportation paralyzed in snow 30-40 He had reached cm.

All our brothers with the permission of Allah (2 then they join us in person, excluding Medina) collection center somehow reached.

Finally we come to the road.

Ankara’dan Medine uçağımız sabah saat 05.00 Since the late hour, we also like to get the 03.00 We had to be like in Ankara.

It does not seem possible now, even the way we set the.

Along the way, we are busy and zikrullahl tespih'at. The roads were so icy and snowy that perhaps for the first time in our lives we were having such a journey.

Yani zorunlu olamasa bu yolculuk yapılmazdı.

But it is hard to catch up to 3:00 hours. Suddenly it came a phone Medina aircraft was taken to 07:30 hours. We take a deep breath in, we.

Safe and sound, We are full of wisdom after a trip to Ankara.

A series of control after we boarded the plane and began our journey.

We got in late at night to Medina.

Our day in the Medina very fondly and passed the prosperous.

We tried to follow the instructions of our Haci Baba.

We make our prayer in congregation Ravza. Each prayers to be behind at least one day (two-three-four-five) We made prayer accident.

Sabah mescide vardığımızda önce mescit namazı daha sonra altı rekat teheccüt namazı kıldık.

Sabah namazları sonrasında Cennetül Baki mezarlığına giderek Önce Hz. Osman makes our prayers we visited the tomb of our Lord we later.

Bu Medine’de kaldığımız süre içerisinde devam etti.

We had our opportunities in zikrullah'ı Friday evening in the direction of the hotel in Medina.

Medina five days, full, It has been filled.

Now Mecca passengers have i.

We put on our tunic. Haci Baba is checked and corrected everyone's tunic with his own hands.

We make our prayer in a large mosque ihram on our way we collectively intent (DO NOT I INTENTIONS gracious Umra. ME HER HAIR IT EASY BENDEN KKABUL, COMMANDS) and began our journey to Mecca.

When he emigrated in the Messenger of Allah, our Lord out of the mountain when Abu Kubeys;

He looked to return to Mecca and said;

Oh I was born and raised in Mecca Mecca Surely I'll be back one day. As well as those that have moved towards the town's sacred space Beytullahh.

However, our journey was overland by bus. And that is was more beneficial. Because of zikirl, We get way tepihatl.

Mekka, Beautiful Mecca Mecca, buranın da hali başka.

Our days here passed very prosperous pilgrims circumambulate here-weighted worship our Father led us t.

Morning o'clock 03.00 We were going Beytullh again as we were having our hair after circumambulating the mosque and prayer teheccüt.

Then we were drawn to come to the hotel to rest after breakfast. Saat 10.00 Baitullah like we were going up again.

Bir daha dönüşümüz yatsı namazından sora o da saat 21.00 It was happening in the neighborhood.

a large mosque under our hotel from Monday, Thursday, We made our Saturday evening zikrullah. Our tour operator who pioneered this opportunity here, Mr. Köksal Kurt guys recognize us and I personally would like to thank my efforts on behalf of Haji.

Of course, I can not help saying that. Haji was not able to keep our Father.

It really made for worship. One avid worship.

It pretty much ends the day in Mecca say dissertation thesis numbered days has expired or you know it really is.

Beautiful friendship, We make beautiful friendship. Above all things, we get good habits. They left most of the bad habits of our brothers.

We prayed, we also pray for our brothers sender. Hatim was above two hundred. Yassin's, Word-i Tawhid and, Selati greetings, the Blessed, I can not imagine the number of public and other time-i Galilee.

We were always there to share in the spiritual weight of our brothers here.

Birçok kişiye Hacı Babamız ders verdi. This blessing was another's care.

All those of us who like their brethren in respect to defects in the love of our Father pilgrims, They also compete in the service of all, God bless.

Dear Dr. Teoman .Ahmet Serdar Bey will not pass without mention of the service. This is our dear brother was treated with drugs brought here he was interested in all communities inspection. He supplements there was not enough. In fact, even when called during Tawaf immediately went to the patient deal with his health. Last sick brethren in the room who always gets the short time he prayed for his good health. Dr. Thank you also to ahmet bey.

In particular, he has been closely involved with our Haci Baba.

In summary, I want to say. He's gone to another world of people feel closer than that.

The presence of death, You know the lack of existence itself to observe.

Umrah trip I tried to write as best I can. If you stumble into the amnesty language

May God be with you.

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