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Death and aspirations (IKI IS DOST)

Death and aspirations (IKI IS DOST)

Cemal Yıldız-04.01.2016-Trabzon

Our Lord sent a holy books and prophets to every people to find the right path to enlightenment and servant.

As we all know,, In their last book Quran, Prophet as the Prophet. Mustafa Muhammad SAW. Sir UzdUr.

Each of the Scripture, The prophets sent to every nation,, He called people to the right path. Allah has made lawful praise they have made and their advice on making.

Diğer yandan da haram kıldıklarından da uzaklaştırmak için yine tavsiyeler de bulunmuşlardır.

Allah tarafından seçilen bu peygamberlerin hayatları yine çile dolu, filled with sorrow, It was filled with grief.

Even at the expense of their lives, They all work for mankind, They strive to come to a person's salvation. Allah dostları (Evliyalar) da hayatlarını aynı şiar üzerine kurmuşlardır. Onlar için varsa yoksa insanlık. Hesap, Allah’a iyi bir kul omanın hesabıdır.

Lord intercession I hope to nail her soul.

Prophet Muhammad SAW. Our Lord informs the nation at every opportunity, A real world of eternal life is empty and we were told that the wait.

Yet another day, While chatting with the Companions;

Eline iki çakıl taşı aldı ve bunlardan birisini yakına, and he threw away the other "This represents what ediyor, Do you know?" he said.


“Allah ve Resulü daha iyi bilir” dediler.

Our Prophet (sav) "At falling away EMEL, şu yakına düşen de ECEL dir” decreed. (Tirmidhi, Peer, 7)

Dear brothers and sisters;

As it will be understood from Hadisler, insanoğlunun emeli kendisine bu kadar uzakken hala emellerinin gerçekleşmesi için çalışır durur.

Yet his death, although much work closer to death.

We are what we in this world after death our orientation towards our net emelie be prosperous afterlife.

Every person who comes into this world, there must be a emeli. That's right.

But this is what must have ambitions.

Just, earn a lot of money, yat, kat, Is Owning a car?

Or are you working towards gaining the pleasure of Allah?

We let the work in accordance with Allah's approval, Opens in front of our Lord we shall share the wealth.

This wealth which we will bring to God.

These days much easier to dominate the earth, God's book.

You ask why?

Communication tools, authors, They draw educators, press, visual media that have the opportunities and freedoms that, duty incumbent on everyone, even when, I think quite a way to get.

To revive the worst, must be mobilized. Why are you still doing in this country ceiling drink sales.

Why is Christmas because our religion, our Orfű, We are in action against our tradition.

Why is it down to the secondary drug. Our children do not we read here?

Why should men, We wear clothes does not like Islam or female.

Why is that we do not warn them when we see our children a false.

That comes as a result of natural causes and issues we face ambitions.

In fact, I would say you can save it with a very simple method.

She now;

People every day 5 mevt minute contemplation of death that would have to combine the fall if the deaths I believe ambitions.

What did the poet

Death come by you

Age Kemal to A

Kabir always the poor rich

Did you resort to enter? where.

May God be with you.

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