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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God's greetings,Mercy, fertility, forgiveness, Peace be upon all our brothers who believe in grace.

Last evening, 22.12.2015 It was the Prophet's Birthday candles. That was the day the world to grace our Lord the Messenger of meat.

Because of this relationship, Haci Baba with the advice of our fasting on Monday and Tuesday we ii.

Although some parties are a feast as they say these days can not be fasting, we see them as windows,tr

We respect. We have no promise.


Because our brother pilgrims to our Father ask it as a question, They themselves make a statement.

We are quoting it in.

He is a prophet in; he becomes the first word of my nation when it comes to the world, It has been my nation.

Humanity was born as the sun. People were reminded that the most auspicious and most honorable human being who is created.

Ever, although it is commiserating with the forgiveness of all sins were followed up to say that the last breath of the nation, we have made efforts for the liberation of.

And given that we know a lot more struggle.

And we say that the arrival of the world's entire life dedicated to the nation a prophet to the nation so we adorn some religious arguments I.

Yes, in a feast, Located between the worship of God that gave the most value fasting, I greet with affection conversation zikirl.

We do not see this one do not see any drawbacks. Rather than see Taqwa as an event.

O, There is no word to say to our brothers in. Although he describes himself in this window you will say you're the best.

Allen finally made a prayer.

God gives the absolute value for a prayer for her.

Hoping to meet in the next lamp

May God be with you



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