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13.12.2015 (News-Jamal Stars)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Hi, I would offer my respects. God's Mercy, Abundance, Peace be upon all those who believe in forgiveness.

Dear souls;

Praise be to our God for our health Haci Baba is very good in the eyes of the discomfort is entirely up to the middle case. I hope my Lord has bestowed on the action with the abundance of your healing prayer.

12.11.2015 Saturday Hacı Mustafa Abu Bakr Hayri Mr. Tanrikulu of Religious Affairs Specialist Professor Son of the Father of our Lord paid a visit to Trabzon.

A group of our brothers came. They wished to get past before we visited our Haci Baba. Then we went to visit my father Haji Mustafa Hz to Hayri.

O, We were together day. Their place in our history Trabzon'umuzda, We visit.

We have to exchange information. God bless themselves are beautiful works. He wrote books, we also had the gift. Her soul to the Lord those who benefit.

We were quite satisfied with their visits.

They were divided in a way that satisfied. Hopefully, a future with a larger staff more time to.

Lord help her soul that every budget deal this way.

I know that. Also give value to the things that you value God Allah veriris be a value in your career ind.

May God be with you.

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