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26.11.2015 Cemal Yıldız

My very dear brothers,

I greet you all with respect and with love.

Do not exceed the end of the day I'm right yaklaşmayal. We recognize that all of us. But sometimes it does not care about the things we were aware, not adopted.


Search for all of us, Search also has been Although cruises. There have been days recently went to visit with our family we uterus or firearm-i. They always have a ride.

How do we do that when we went to this trip preparation. Ma'am, What is here, Our clothes are ütüleniy. Newest Getting taken by media outfits. Different food Retrieving, car maintenance done something, or so.

Why are we doing all this preparation. Worldly for a short ride.

But do not give importance to our principles journey so. We have a hazırlığımız. And it's a journey; There is no turning back once again.

It's a journey; we meet are not in accordance with.

How could; In our earthly journey is going hazırlığımız.

We also need to be in an afterlife journey hazırlığımız.

Wear rate, worship. Oranın süsü ibadettir.

There also we need to do in preparation for the rate-i concept.


Come on I'll give you my last word on this issue by telling a story.

At one time, a wise old sage younger self to meet more people and they have set out to take advantage of.

There was a town. When asked here in this town there is so wise.

People also showed him the house of the wise men.

Young, He is on his way to visit the wise person. On the one hand very tired and hungry.

This young man is the wisest person says this resort now, There are rooms for guests in the house. My stomach is feeding.

Would a nice rest. We also had our morning conversation.

With Thought, There was the wise person's home.

He knocked on the door.

The door opens wise persons.

-Here you go, kid. Demiş.

Hi gave the lad. Sir, I falancıy. There are wise people wandering curiosity I want to benefit from their experience. They showed me this back in first. I'm here for.

Wise men have been satisfied.

-Enter the command that also includes child Welcome.

Young entered but contains a look at a corner of the house was on a couch. The house stands on book shelves on the walls.

One bedroom house. Çıkmayınca asked as he thought of course.

-Sir, you know that the belongings of the house.

Lad can not find what feels wise, Smiled.

-Well, said the boy you know your stuff. The bedroom, The guest rooms, Where was the seat of.


-Oh, sir, I have also been a saddlebag. I'm in.

Get answers they want by Sage, He said,.

-We're passengers son, we're passengers.

Demiş. Young life was taken that advice to take along the shortest path.

Dear brothers and sisters, This may be a story, but it's true.

Our point of view of life that if we win the world both in the afterlife.

God blessed our way and our journey eylesin. Be commend to God.

We wish you a safe trip

26.11.2015 Jamal star

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