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Ankara Cemaatimizin Ziyareti

Ankara Cemaatimizin Ziyareti

Dear brothers and sisters,

Hello, I wish it luck.

God's Mercy, Abundance, İhsanı, İnayeti tüm inananların üzerine olsun.

17.10.2015 günü Ankara cemaatimiz Seçkin hanım ve Cemil bey) bir otobüs ellibeş kişilik bir grupla Hacı Babamıza geçmiş olusuna geldiler.

Hoş geldiler sefalar getirdiler.

Hacı Babamızı ziyaretten sonra hep beraber Ayder yaylasına bir gezinti yapıldı. Ç0k muhabbetli çok feyizli bir gezi oldu.

Between our new brethren who joined.

My father was a brother Haji improve our courses.

We found in the sermons.

Saying goodbye to our guests, only those who serve, He prayed only.

Our father said Haji;

Son, you do not know you ever serve to gain approval on behalf of the people of God. The return, the Lord Almighty will not leave empty. God rejoices in everything that is done to glorify God, and the degree of human.

We are saying in. God bless you endless times Haji Dad, we turn to you in such a way that we did, we are led to benefit from it.

God bless the coming to visit him and the. We hope you come again,tr.

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