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Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Hello, I wish it luck.

God's Mercy, Abundance, Forgiveness, İhsanı hepimizin üzerine olsun.

You Praise our God we had a very successful surgery Haci Baba.
During the operation about 3 Hours left.

Yesterday at 15.30 As were included in the health services it is fine. I hope the evening will be discharged today.

So we hope.

It was an intense telephone traffic God bless.

Ziyarete gelen kardeşlerimizden-de Allah razı olsun .

Yine siz değerli kardeşlerimizden ricamız bu hafta ev telefonundan aranmaması.

Geçmiş olsun dileklerinizi Hacı Annemize iletebilirsiniz.

Half God and help us.

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