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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our Site active, There is a need to contribute to all our brothers and sisters for it to become a social and more useful.

as each came from the hands of our brothers, You can write on any topic.

This story would be kind. Articles may be in kind. may our daily lives. may be in the health field. Religious, You can write in national issues.

For a writer, you can write to the site will be opened. Bunun için

I yildiz.cemal@hotmail.co

address My heat, Surname ve actual, you use one mail addressIf I send you a user can open.

Once opened, your users will be sent an e-mail will help you share how you write. Your article may be published after you have reviewed and approved by site moderators After sharing.

This way you will have made a contribution to our experience and the site will become your point of both.

writing your, We welcome your news.

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