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My very dear brothers,

13.07.2015 Pazartesi akşamı Kadir gecesidir (God willing)

Öncelikle tüm İslam aleminin kandilini kutluyorum. Bu gecenin tüm dünyamıza huzur ve saadetler getirmesini diliyorum.

Kandil münasebeti ile Hacı Babamı aradım.

Babacığım bir mesajınız varmı? diye sorduğumda, bakın Hacı Babam nasıl bir mesaj verdi.


Bu günlerin kadrini kıymetini bilmemiz lazım. Bu gecelerde Cenabı Allah muazzam sevaplar veriyor.

kind of amnesty to the servant, Almighty kinds of occasions, offering us for the forgiveness of the people had tonight we.

Tonight is a night of it;

better than a thousand months. A life is worth a thousand months. So eighty years. This means that a person had seksenüçyıl, enliven the night in a magnitude not live as often happens eighty years has made a worship.

Also tonight;

Angels descend in places of worship for the forgiveness of servants face.

Kadir night is better than thousand nights. On the angels and the Spirit, with the permission of their Lord, descend in for each job. O (night) It is a salute until the breaking dawn”. (Magnitude, 97/1-5)

If we want to be in this mash the secret of the verse, which is worshiped once a year. Power-sufficient, health, which must spend the night until the morning prayer, worship.

Herewith all my viewers Brotherhood, Muslims all over the world. I congratulate the Kandil.

I kiss your eyes.


Do not skimp on our own God our Father pilgrims.

a blessed candle again.

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